rakhi in snakes: a snake bites a young man who tried to tie rakhi to a snake: video – bihar man allegedly dies after trying to tie rakhi to snakes watch video


  • Rakshabandhan Day
  • The young man tried to tie Rakhi to the snake.
  • Finally, the snake bit him and he died.

Patna: A young man died after being bitten by a snake while trying to tie a rakhi to a snake. According to the DNA of the English media, the young man tried to tie Rakhi to the snake on the occasion of Rakshabandhan Day. The video of a young man trying to tie a rakhi to a snake has gone viral on social media.

The viral video is reportedly from the Saran district of Bihar. Manmohan, 25, died from a snake bite. The young man was holding two snakes in his hand and trying to tie Rakhi to them. The video shows a young man catching a snake and trying to tie a rakhi.

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He was bitten on the leg by two snakes while tying a rakhi around his tail. The video shows a snake biting its toe and a young man looking at it.

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Manmohan was rushed to hospital after being bitten by a snake, but was unable to save his life. The young man was reportedly a snake hunter. He also treated snakebites in the village.

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