Rakhi Sawant lost bat-bat in the battle between Hema Malini and Kangana Ranaut

Article girl Rakhi Sawant, who is often in the news due to her bizarre antics, is making headlines again. Rakhi says she will run in the Lok Sabha elections in 2024 on a BJP ticket. She even says that Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself and Home Minister Amit Shah were about to announce her name. But before that, Mathura MP Hema Malini has revealed her name. After hearing these things from Rakhi, some people feel that she is really going to run in the BJP elections. But is it true Rakhi? No. Nothing like this is going to happen. Rakhi is engaged in straightening her owl between Hema Malini and Kangana Ranaut. In fact, the desire to do politics has been suppressed in her mind for a long time. She has also tried many times. But success has not been found.

Smoke is coming out now, so surely the fire must have started somewhere. In such a situation, let us tell you that Hema Malini had first said about Rakhi Sawant that she would stand for election. Actually, Kangana Ranaut has come twice in the last year in his Mathura parliamentary constituency. There she visits the Banke Bihari temple. Last time she wandered the streets of Vrindavan and raised Radhe-Radhe slogans. After staying in the temple for one hour, she gave the people prasad with her own hands. Since then, people started speculating that Kangana is preparing for the Lok Sabha elections to be held in 2024. Everyone knows about her political ambitions. Her political leanings are also known to all. In such a situation, people began to say that in this election, instead of Hema Malini, the BJP will choose Kangana. His ticket has also been finalized.

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Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant is preparing to run in the Lok Sabha elections in 2024.

In the midst of this period of speculation, Hema Malini had gone to Mathura in the past. During this, Hema was asked about Mathura’s Kangana Ranaut competition. Hema got angry about this. He said furiously, “Okay, what should I say? My opinion is on God, Lord Krishna will do whatever you want. All of you have taken into account that only a movie star will become here.” all the movie stars in Mathura. Tomorrow we will send Rakhi Sawant too. She will be done.” In this way, Hema balanced Kangana with Rakhi. There was no response from Kangana on this, but Rakhi took the opportunity and told her heart. Not only this, as he described himself as Smriti Irani Part 2, said that the Prime Minister himself was going to announce his name.

Rakhi Sawant has given an answer to Hema Malini by making a video. He has said in the video: “Today I am very happy. It was very secret. I am going to run in the 2024 elections. These Modi ji and Amit Shah ji were about to announce, but I am lucky that the dream girl of my heart, my love, my Bollywood Hema Malini ji, my love, have announced that I will participate in this election.. By the way, Modi ji and Amit ji were about to say about me, but if it is Modi ji or Hema ji, it is the same. I am going to be Smriti Irani Part 2. I am very glad that now I am going to participate in the elections. Yes, I will stand in the elections. Will all of you support me? Thank you Hema Malini ji, you have given me such a statement good. Thank you.” Actually, this Rakhi statement is like a mockery of Hema Malini.

We reported that Rakhi Sawant had formed a political party during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Its name was ‘Aam National Party’. Rakhi was its president. Under the banner of his party, he had also announced that he would participate from Mumbai. She said, “My party will work especially for women’s rights. Women are not listened to in a male-dominated society. I am going to run for election only with my party. I want to clean up the garbage in my house first. After this, I will expand the party.” Rakhi’s brother, Rakesh Sawant, was also associated in this match. The electoral symbol of her party was the green chile. He was voted in by 1995 people after contesting from the Mumbai North-West Lok Sabha seat. She was at number six. She resigned from her party after getting so few votes.

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