Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘girl’ is ready to create panic in China, do you know who Pooja Bhalekar is?

In the presidential election, a nice piece of news came to the attention of filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, who is caught up in the trial for making indecent comments about NDA candidate Draupadi Murmu. It has been announced that his ambitious film ‘Ladki: Enter the Dragon Girl’ will open on 30,000 screens in China. There can be no greater happiness than this for an Indian filmmaker. If the movie ran for a week on that many screens, consider its windfall earnings fixed. Because Aamir Khan’s movie Dangal opened on 9,000 screens in China. But the film earned Rs 1.3 billion at the Chinese box office. From this you can estimate how much Ramu’s film is going to earn.

The movie ‘Ladki: Enter the Dragon Girl’ opens in theaters on July 15. The Indian and Chinese production company is producing the film together. Martial arts expert Pooja Bhalekar will make her Bollywood debut through this film produced under the banner of Artsy Media and Major Big People. Abhimanyu Singh, Prateek Parmar, Malhotra Shivam and Rajpal Yadav also have major roles with him. Two trailers for the film have been released so far. In this, the first trailer is eight minutes long, which is the first such trailer released in the history of Bollywood, the length of which is so much. This is said to have been done with the Chinese audience in mind.

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The movie ‘Ladki: Enter the Dragon Girl’ will be released simultaneously in China and India on July 15.

The story of the movie ‘Girl: Enter the Dragon Girl’ revolves around a girl who is a big fan of Bruce Lee, who is called the master of martial arts. People know Lee for his action packed movies and his martial arts. He has made seven Hollywood movies, three of which were released after his death. Even after making so few movies, his popularity remains intact all over the world. It will be the popularity of him that Ram Gopal Varma has made a Hindi movie in the year 2022, inspired by his 1976 release ‘Enter the Dragon’. The only difference is that Lee’s character is played by debut actress Pooja Bhalekar. He has done a tremendous action in the movie.

Actress Pooja Bhalekar’s action avatar can be seen in the trailer for the film. After seeing this, it will not be an exaggeration for her to call her Lady Tiger Shroff or Vidyut Jamwal. The way these two powerhouse stars do action and stunts in Bollywood movies, Pooja has also done in her first movie. Pooja is a Taekwondo expert in real life. He has also participated in many tournaments. Pooja started receiving martial arts training from school. She didn’t feel like studying at all. She first yoga then she became active in athletics. One day she saw some people dressed in white making twists and punches. She was drawn to him. Upon asking her, she found out that Taekwondo is there.

He decided to learn Taekwondo. He told his relatives about it. His mother is very supportive. At his urging, his father allowed him to learn Taekwondo. After that he never looked back. He showed his abilities by visiting many places in the country and abroad. Meanwhile, one day he got a call from Ram Gopal Varma. He came to Mumbai and asked to meet him, after which Pooja went to meet him. After this encounter, his life changed forever. Ramu made it part of the most ambitious project of his. She was offered the lead role in their movie ‘Ladi: Enter the Dragon Girl’. Pooja has also kept Ramu’s trust.

The promotion of this movie is being done tremendously in China more than in India. The film was promoted in a tall tower in the city of Guangzhou, China. His video has been shared by Ram Gopal Varma on social media. It read, “The Chinese version of Girl: The Dragon Girl is promoted at the top of the Canton Tower in Guangzhou city. The film will be released on July 15 on more than 30,000 screens in China, the same day it is released.” In the same way, ‘Girl – Enter the Girl Dragon’, starring Pooja Bhalekar, is my tribute to ‘Enter the Dragon’, the biggest martial arts film in history, starring the iconic Bruce Lee and directed by Chinese director Jin Jil Iu. Ramu is its creator.

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