Ram Setu Vs Thank God: Why Critics Again Failed To Gauge Audience Preferences?

Hindi movie critics once again fail to understand the feelings of the audience. An interesting example of this can be read as a case study for now. Two films: Akshay Kumar’s Ram Setu and Ajay Devgan Siddharth Malhotra’s Thank God were released simultaneously on Diwali. Both movies hit the mark before release. There were all kinds of doubts. Akshay Kumar was looking too much at the audience target. And the reason for this was that he did not openly support The Kashmir Files. Akshay had to bear the brunt and four of his films (Bachchan Pandey, Samrat Prithviraj, Raksha Bandhan, Katputli) not only failed but also featured a strong boycott campaign against him. Although Katputli was an OTT release. Despite this, he too had to suffer. Rare movies are perfect. In the rest, there is something good and something bad in them.

When the images (sneak peek and trailer) of Akshay’s Ram Setu film began to appear, there was an outcry against the film on social media. People criticized him and even before the release, he started calling the content of the movie average. He felt that Akshay’s Ram Setu will also have to pay the price for the negative atmosphere created against Bollywood. It was almost the same with Ajay’s Thank God and there was opposition. However, the way there were protests against Lal Singh Chaddha and Brahmastra, there weren’t such harsh reviews for both films. Many critics who had praised Bollywood movies in the past, or had received their reviews according to the opinion of the audience, tried to take advantage of the public sentiment in the case of Ram Setu and Thank God without understanding it. The box office business is contrary to the opinion of critics.

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Why did reviewers get bogged down in public sentiment? Take a look at the top reviews for both movies. Almost all of the established reviewers gave strong reactions. Despite this, the Hindi belt failed to make up the difference between the big showdowns at the box offices, the festive compulsion to stay home on Diwali nights, and the opposition of Brahmastra-Lal Singh Chaddha and Ram Setu-Thank God. The audience was definitely seen in opposition to Ram Setu, thank God, but their concerns were different. Now that the two-day collection of the film is out, it’s clear that the critics have failed. Five or six years ago, the leading critics used to fail like this. The films that the public liked: the critics were against them. Four stars were awarded to big-star films or thousands of words were written in praise of offbeat films, which ordinary audiences could not even see.

Bollywood will get a 100 crore movie in the form of Ram Setu after a long time.

If you look at the collection of Ram Setu and Thank God, then the audience likes both movies. It can be said that after several months that turned out to be ruinous for Bollywood, finally two films seem to be successful. Ram Setu has made a trade of Rs 26.65 crore in the first two days. Despite all things to the contrary, the film made a huge business of Rs 15.25 crore on the first day. Because the second day was a normal Wednesday, the film’s gross was considered to be in sub-double digits. But on the second day also the film earned 11.40 crores. These are the national box office figures. This means that the movie will also do decent business on the third day on a normal Thursday. After this you will also have a nice weekend from Friday to Sunday. The film is expected to easily earn Rs 75 crore by Sunday and may join the Rs 100 crore club next Friday. This means that Ram Setu will be easily hit in a fortnight when extracting his cost. Ram Setu’s budget is said to be as much as Rs 150 crore.

ticket officeThank God and Ram Setu.

Thank goodness Ajay Devgn is also on his way to being a hit

Similarly, the budget for Thank God by Ajay Devgan and Siddharth Malhotra is said to be just Rs 70 crore. Even though this film is behind in terms of earnings from Ram Setu, it earned Rs 14.10 crore in the first two days. Thank goodness he had managed an opening of 8.10 million rupees. Despite being a normal Wednesday, the film earned Rs 6 crore on the second day. By Sunday, this movie can also earn 40 million rupees or more. And the earnings in the first two weeks can be more than the budget. That is to say, although the profit of Thank God is less than that of Ram Setu, it has also gone towards the hit. When there is a bad environment for Bollywood, movie earnings are a clear indication that the public is flocking to theaters to watch Hindi movies. The funny thing is that most of Ram Setu’s earnings come from the mass circuit. The strength of movies on the mainstream circuit suggests that things are not as bad for Bollywood as feared. The mass circuit audience has different concerns and expectations of Bollywood.

Surely the looming mandate on Diwali will be looking at the creators of Bollywood and they need to understand how and when to actually communicate with the audience. Critics should also make the dialogue the center of the dialogue instead of capitalizing on the sentiments of the audience, which actually connects the general audience and the film industry.

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