Rape victim dies in Mumbai: 33 hours of effort failed; Tortured girl dies in Mumbai – Mumbai victim lost life after 33-hour battle for life

Mumbai: A 30-year-old woman who was brutally tortured in a parked vehicle in Mumbai’s Sakinaka eventually succumbed to her injuries. The woman, who was found in critical condition, died after fighting for her life for 33 hours in a city hospital.

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The woman, who was found unconscious, was taken to Rajavadi Hospital by the Sakinaka police. He died there after fighting for his life for 33 hours. Police had previously arrested the defendant in the incident. Mohan Chauhan, 45, was arrested.

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Police said the 34-year-old woman was brutally raped and then thrown with an iron bar in a private area.

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Police received a tip Friday morning that the woman was being abused. A message was received in the police control room that a young man was beating a young woman on Khairani Road in the Sakinaka area. After receiving the message, the police went to the scene and found the woman.

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Police said a detailed investigation into the incident is underway. A case has been registered against the defendant in the attempted murder and rape sections. Police said the investigation is progressing. Police concluded that there were more people involved in the incident.

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The victim was found bleeding to death. He was rushed to a hospital. According to preliminary reports, the woman was raped and tortured in a temporary van parked on the side of the road.

Police found bloodstains inside the vehicle.

The Minister of Education said that preparations have begun for the opening of schools.

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