record vaccination in India: one crore doses of vaccine administered in one day; Modi Congratulates Healthcare Workers: More Than 1 Crore Vaccine Doses Administered In One Day In India


  • Country with record of vaccinations
  • One million doses of the vaccine per day.
  • Prime Minister with congratulations

New Delhi: the country with the record of vaccinations. Only on Friday was a crore of doses of the vaccine distributed in the country. This is the first time this dose has been administered in one day. After the record of vaccination, Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the health workers.

Vaccination greater than 1 crore is a significant achievement. The Prime Minister tweeted congratulations to those who have been vaccinated and to those who have made the vaccination campaign a success. Union Interior Minister Amit Shah also said that administering a one-crore vaccine dose of the vaccine in a single day was a reflection of the will of the new India.

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On Friday 1,00,63,931 doses of the vaccine were distributed in the country, according to the Union Ministry of Health. Union Health Minister Mansouk Mandavya also said that the hard work of health workers and the prime minister’s free vaccine program were paying off.

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According to the Ministry of Health, Uttar Pradesh had the highest dose of vaccine today at 28,62,649. Second is Karnataka. 10,79,588 doses. In Maharashtra, 9,84,117 doses were distributed, according to data published by the Union Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile, Vernac recorded 19 daily cases of Kovid-19 in the country on Friday. According to figures published by the Union Ministry of Health, 44,658 cases of Kovid have been reported in the country. The total number of confirmed Kovid cases in the country rose to 3,26,03,188 crore.

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The country has recently reported 496 Kovid deaths. This brings the total number of Kovid deaths in the country to 4.36,861. In the last 24 hours, 32,988 people have been released from Kovid. With this, so far 3,18,21,428 people have gotten rid of Kovid. There are 3,44,899 active cases in various states.

It is also noteworthy that high cases of covid are reported in Kerala. More than 30,000 cases of Kovid were reported in the state on Friday. Kovid-19 was confirmed for 32,801 people, while 179 deaths were confirmed. This brings the total death toll to 20,313. A total of 18,573 people who had been diagnosed and treated were cured. With this, 1,95,254 people in the state have been diagnosed with the disease and are still under treatment. So far, 37,30,198 have been released from Kovid.

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