Reema Lagoo said that the mother does not cry only in cotton sari, she can also smile in modern clothes

How is the mother’s face? How is mother’s love? How does mom laugh? How is the mother angry? How is the mother upset? How does the mother scold and how does the mother love? There is only one answer to all these questions, Reema Lagoo… whose face looks exactly like a mother’s idol.

A sweet smile with a calm expression on the face that can take away all the troubles in the world. Her eyes spoke everything without speaking, like those of every mother. She was a mother in real life who raised her child alone.

Reema Lagoo tells in her characters that the modern mother carries her culture with her.

Actress who became famous playing the role of a mother on screen. In the 90s-2000s, when beautiful actresses were embarrassed to play the role of mother, Reema Lagoo played the role of mother in such a way that she would definitely be mentioned when it comes to mother. She ruled the world by becoming the mother of Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Juhi Chawla, and Madhuri Dixit in movies.

reema laagu, Reema Lagoo birth anniversary, reema laagu birthday, reema laagu mother role, reema laagu lifeLooking at her, it doesn’t look like she’s acting for the role of a mother.

Her heart was as beautiful as Reema Lagoo was. It seemed that the blessings of all the mothers in the world were with her. When she laughed as a mother, the audience laughed, when there was anger, even the movie viewer was shocked… when she was upset, the audience was sad. Looking at her, she doesn’t seem like she’s acting for the role of her mother. It seems that she is really the mother of Salman Khan, who always wants the best for his son. At that time, when the main characters in the film were heroes and heroines, Reema Lagoo breathed life into the supporting role of her mother.

reema laagu, Reema Lagoo birth anniversary, reema laagu birthday, reema laagu mother role, reema laagu lifeA scene from the song Samadhan from the movie Hum Aapke Hain Koun in which Reema looked very beautiful.

The viewers see the image of their mother in Reema Lagoo, maybe that’s why they didn’t want to see anyone else in the role of mother and the director also understood it very well.

Today is the anniversary of Reema Lagoo’s birth. She was born on June 21, 1958. Before joining the cinema, she worked in a bank for 10 years. Reema Lagoo’s performance was so natural because she started her career in theater. This actress, who worked in movies, never considered any job small, that’s why her show Saas-Bahu, Tutu-Main Main became so popular on television.

Reema Lagoo said that every mother has the right to be decorated

After becoming a mother, it is believed that only her son has a right to a woman’s life. Especially when the mother reaches middle age, although she wants to, she cannot do what she wants. A range is limited for that. In which she has to live in plain clothes.

Reema Lagoo challenged the mother of that time who only cried in movies. Reema gave a new look to the mother of cinema. She told the world that being a mother doesn’t just mean crying and thinking about children. Being a mother means being happy, dressing up, laughing and thinking about yourself.

reema laagu, Reema Lagoo birth anniversary, reema laagu birthday, reema laagu mother role, reema laagu lifeReema gave a new look to the mother of cinema

Previously it was often seen in the cinema that the mother was always upset. She used to wear white cotton saree. She didn’t even put on makeup. She didn’t even get dressed. When Reema Lagoo played the role of mother, she gave a new definition to each mother. Many mothers copied her fashion. Reema Lagoo’s name was no less than any actress anywhere. Reema Lagoo is the one who wears colorful clothes as a mother. She became the modern mother who does the hairstyle, the one who cuts her hair, the one who puts on lipstick, the one who does makeup, the one who does her eyebrows, the one who enjoys her special day, the one who expresses her love to her husband, the one who fights for his rights, the one who wears matching jewelry, the one who sings, the one who dances, the one who befriends girls…

The mother who can be as tough as the father-

It is believed that the mother spoils her children by pampering them. The children are only afraid of their father. Reema Lagoo told those people in her characters that the modern mother carries her culture with her. She can also film in “Vaastav Film” because of her son, who can leave the palace for the sake of the son and stay in the chawl… who in the last days of the dying son will stand in front of him. as the courage of him, holding the hand of him .can. May she fight with her husband for her daughter’s happiness and her rights.

reema laagu, Reema Lagoo birth anniversary, reema laagu birthday, reema laagu mother role, reema laagu lifeThere was such a thing about the mother of this movie screen that people assumed the mother of the real thing.

In this way, Reema Lagoo together with the cinema gave a message to society that the true meaning of being a mother is not to kill one’s own happiness. After separating from her husband, Marathi actor Vivek Lagoo, she spent her whole life raising her daughter alone, even at the end of her life she was filming.

Her image as a mother settled in such a way in the hearts of people, whose place to this day no one has been able to take it and almost no one will be able to take it… they are people who make magic with their personality. , some similar magic was in the performance of Reema Lagoo, who became the face of her mother and was etched in her hearts forever…

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