‘Relocation’ to a government official who died because of Kovid; The authorities withdrew the list after the controversy and the incident took place in Bihar.


  • Officer killed by Kovid on transfer list
  • The fall was caused by the fault of the authorities.
  • After the controversy, the government withdrew the list.

Patna: A government official who died two months ago due to Kovid-19 has been displaced. Agriculture Department official Arun Kumar Sharma has been transferred. It is noteworthy that he was transferred from Patna to Bhojpur. This is due to a mistake made by the authorities.

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On June 30, the Department of Agriculture released a list of relocations as Kovid’s restrictions continued. The list also includes the name of Arun Kumar, who passed away on April 27. He was working in Naubatpur in the Patna district when Kovid’s restrictions went into effect. Meanwhile, Kovid confirmed to Arun Kumar.

Arun Kumar, who was in critical condition due to Kovid, was admitted to a hospital in Jakanpur but died on April 27 due to health problems. Meanwhile, Arun Kumar’s name has been included in the prepared relocation list. Authorities pulled the list after social media took over the relocation of a man infected with Kovid.

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The list, released on June 30, shows the reassignment of various government officials. Additional relocation is in the Department of Education. The list also includes the Joint Director and District Education Officials. The transfer has been made to the Department of Revenue, the Department of Agrarian Reforms, the Department of Rural Development and the Department of Water Supply.

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