Reputation at stake for brother-in-law, after Radhe, Salman Khan is ready to use it for ‘Antim’ too!

Salman Khan is busy with his next project. On the one hand, the filming of Tiger 3 and, on the other, the preparations for the premiere of the second film by brother-in-law Aayush Sharma “Antim the Final Truth”. Dabang Khan has been trying to establish Ayush as a hero in Bollywood for a long time. Aayush’s first film was Loveyatri Superflop. Salman doesn’t want the situation in the second movie to be the same at all. This time Salman himself has taken full responsibility for making the final movie and Aayush a success. Along with Aayush, he has a major role in the film so that he can cross the ladder of success leading to Ayush on the back of his stardom. Aayush’s movie is said to be ready. Is the mind being spent on how to release the movie after all?

Actually, the release has become a huge problem for producers caught up in a fascination with the theater. Theater is the traditional premiere option. The second option is OTT, the importance of which was seen only during the epidemic. Right now, the most valuable circuit in Mumbai is closed. Where movie theaters are open and movies are coming, even superstars fail to attract audiences than expected. It goes without saying that in this surat-e-hal there are many risks compared to the ‘ultimate’. The risk is even higher because AYUSH is relaunching. Whatever the reasons, after the beating of the movie, Aayush will have trouble becoming an actor again. But Salman seems to have found a middle ground by taking lessons from the recent incidents. After Radhe: Your Most Wanted, there is also talk of a new release plan for the new Salman for ‘Antim’. Bollywood Hungama has reported that a ‘hybrid release’ plan for the film is being considered.

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According to sources, Bollywood Hungama said that talks with G5 are underway. The Ultimate team is working on a plan for a hybrid launch. That is, the film will open on G5, the film will also open on individual screens across the country. Salman and Ji know that under this plan the multiplexes will not be ready to show the final. In such a situation, fans across the country can watch the movie through a single screen. However, the creators have yet to say anything about the release of the finale. But this decision may show the way to Bollywood.

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How is Salman’s plan beneficial?

By the way, whether the movie is a success or a failure depends on the content itself. If the content of the latter is correct, Salman can prepare a successful business route in the current situation through the plan. Not only will viewers have the option of OTT, but the public, especially in small towns with access to the theater, can watch movies on a single screen. Even viewers who don’t have OTT access. Due to the exclusive OTT launch, producers can also recoup the profits from both the distributor and the OTT platform better than the cost. Salman took a similar bold step for Radhe. Radhe launched simultaneously on G5 and DTH with a ‘pay-per-view’ plan.

Initially the response was also very good. The movie was resumed. Millions of users came to see Radhe from the broadcast. Another issue is that the content of the film did not live up to the expectations of the audience. But Salman showed that Bollywood can use new avenues to change the situation after the pandemic. However, Bollywood was showing too much faith in the theater. Bottoms at the box office, faces and now the fate of Kangana Ranaut’s Thalaivi is enough to show just how wise Salman’s decision was. Mimi, Sher Shah’s tremendous success proves it too.

Thalaivi and Bellbottom are like case studies. Multiplexes will also have to try new distribution methods in changing circumstances. In the type of situation you see, there is probably no better option than this. Less audience is coming due to 50 percent capacity. But those viewers have no choice but to try to avoid going to the movies for fear of the epidemic. Or those who do not have an OTT platform at their fingertips. In this the loss of hearing is not much either. They will get it sooner or later in the OTT movie or television premiere, but only the producers and multiplexes will have to bear the loss. The kind of loss Thalaivi is currently facing.

Whatever happens to Aayush, others may find their way into Salman’s efforts for him.

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