Sahir came back from Pakistan only because there were no ‘Hindu’…

Amitabh, lying on Rakhi’s lap in the shade of a tall tree… tilts her face towards him. It sounds in the background, you were settling in the stars before now. Then repeating the same song. The groom completed the stuck piece… Suhagraat hai veil raha raha hoon, I am… The era of Rajesh Khanna is over. Flowers are not needed to cover the intimacy between two young bodies. But not everything is said. Just one word ‘Suhagrat’ would have touched who and where? This word has probably never before been used so openly in Indian songs. It is a matter of those words that even today, listening to this song, people must have found their beloved, right in Kalpana Lok.

It is not wrong to say that Sahir was an arrogant poet who talked a lot.

Be it Nazmes or Ghazals or movie songs by Sahir Ludhianvi, who said, said in Danke Ki Chot. And he managed to be the best ‘Sahir’, that is, poet. In 1945, he came from Ludhiana to Lahore to print his first poetry collection ‘Talkhiyaan’ and was engrossed as soon as he arrived. The country became independent after being divided. Sahir was in Lahore. But not happy. This city was now part of a new country. where there was no diversity. There was a religion. one vote Like-minded people. Especially there were no Hindus here. They got bored. They returned to Delhi.

The Bombay film world was waiting for his words to be honed. Still they stayed for almost a year. Maybe for Amrita… (Why.. On the occasion of Amrita’s birthdays and births, Sahir’s half-lit cigarette is remembered. It is remembered that Amrita rubbed vix on Sahir’s forehead, who fell ill after soaking with a little rain. Then Sahir remembered why Amrita stayed behind while doing it?)

Incompleteness was the center of his life. Applause totally received.

of my painful javanese desires

Tell me the story of Muzmahil’s dream

There are also Gulistans in your hands.

My achievement, tell me my destiny

Born in 1921, Abdul Hai’s father ‘Sahir’ had several wives. Her mother got fed up with her husband’s debauchery and divorced her. Sahir gave preference to his mother over his father at court and lost all his father’s property. He then he began the journey of problems. That dissolved the cruelty, the harshness of life in his poetry. His constant disappointment made him ruthless. In this cruelty, he sometimes speaks bluntly to his beloved in the lines of ‘Mujhse first love, mere Mehboob na demand’-

I have another sorrow than your sorrow

escape from whom I can not reach even a moment

Under the roofs of high-rise houses

Hungry beggars always in every town

In this factory there was a noise of iron in which

Buried is the soul of millions of poor

This pain is too much to erase my life

Don’t let my heart get madder for being sad

Shiva of your sorrow and even more I am sad

In the mood of the ancestral latifundium it was also maintained. Even the pride of not understanding anyone in front of you. What comes more vocally in his compositions.

The world in the form of experience or Hawadis

I’m giving back what I’ve given

Nida Fazli in his autobiography and Prakash Pandit, who lived with him for many years in his house, says: Sahir always needs an audience around him. So that when they sing the praises of their ‘talks’, movie songs, fame at home and abroad, they will be heard. Make fun of the unintelligence of the friends sitting up front. Disappoint them. Mingle. drink wine instead, eat food, exercise, or leave.

Who will believe, twice Filmfare Once, the award-winning poet and lyricist Padma Shri remains silent for a couple of hours at will after waking up from sleep. Then when he starts talking, he keeps talking late into the night. Call it a fad or a dull noise – it is only thanks to the efforts of him that the singers and songwriters must be mentioned along with the lyricists at the time of song broadcast on All India Radio.

Before this, there was only the name of the singer-songwriter. He is also the first lyricist to receive royalties as a lyricist. Sahir, who lived his childhood in poverty, had many vehicles after a while. Bungalows too. Kaifi Azmi still felt that Sahir should not stop writing and become a director or producer. He was earning a lot of money but was still poor in terms of love.

After Amrita Pritam, Sudha Malhotra came into her life. Despite having two lovers, despite writing many songs, ghazals, love songs, he was loveless.

sometimes i think of my heart

that life is in the soft shadow of your whirlpools

If it could happen it could have happened

This arrow that is the destiny of my soul

I could lose myself in your eyes

But it couldn’t happen and now this is the situation

That you are not your sorrow, not even your justjutju

life happens like this

You don’t even need anyone’s help.

No path, no destination, no trail of light

My life is wandering in these dreams

I will live in these shadows, always losing myself

I know my love but just like that

sometimes i think of my heart

Those who are excited about war should read his poem ‘E Sharif Insan’. Although speaking a lot, who knows, Sahir could say what he had to say. Or while he hid the wounds in the heart with the execution of words, his heart became so tired that he refused to beat on this day in 1980. Aziz Sahir, Naghma Nigar! You were not a poet for a moment. We miss you even today. do it over and over again.

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