Saif Ali Khan: Now, as an actor, we are in a career where there is no risk of winning or losing!

The first glimpse of Vikram Veda has come out today. On the occasion of Hrithik Roshan’s birthday, the creators released the first glimpse of his ‘Veda’ character. Vikram Veda is actually a modern adaptation of Betaal Pachisi. It was done in Tamil four years ago, now it is being done in Hindi. Saif Ali Khan and Radhika Apte also have important roles along with Hrithik Roshan. Saif played the character of Vikram. The character of Saif in the original Tamil was played by R Madhavan. Vikram is actually a police officer. Whereas Veda is a gangster. In the Tamil version, the character of Veda was played by Vijay Sethipati.

Saif Ali Khan is also being discussed after the first look. Saif has been active in Bollywood for the past three decades. If you look at his acting career, it looks great. He should always be such an actor, on whose shoulders perhaps the success of the films does not carry the burden of failure. Whatever the past has been, but in the last five or six years it is clearly visible that as an actor, Saif is participating in a race where there is no risk of winning or losing. Saif’s identity is now strengthened as a pure actor rather than a superstar. While there was another such when he was seen playing the role of a young urban chichhore in masala action movies. He was seen singing Hey Hey behind the heroines.

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The main casting of the type of films in which Saif now appears is clear proof that he has now been relieved of the responsibility of carrying the films on his shoulders. But his roles are strong and he has maintained his respectable reach in Bollywood. He is doing all kinds of roles now. Comedy, Action, Villain. Also doing web series. Saif’s last film was seen this year as Bunty Aur Babli 2. This film was a flop at the box office.

Saif Ali Khan.

Rani Mukerji, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Sarvari Wagh and Pankaj Tripathi had major roles along with Saif in Bunty Aur Babli 2. Saif was not blamed for the failure of the film. On the contrary, his work was praised. Early last year, his ghost cop appeared on Disney Plus Hotstar. To say that Saif was in the main role of the film, he was actually Arjun Kapoor in the role of the main hero. The audience liked the horror comedy drama and Saif’s comedic style was appreciated.

Saif Ali Khan was never a solo hero

Saif’s presence as a solo hero is rarely seen as an actor. Even when he was at the peak of his career, he still has some hit movies that can be called the image of Saif. The actor has mainly been seen in multi-star movies. Questions about her performance also arose. But Lagda Tyagi’s character alongside Ajay Devgan in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Omkara established him among Bollywood’s favorite actors. The number of visits on Saif’s account is much lower. If you look only from 2014, so far more than a dozen Saif movies have come through. In these, except for Tanhaji with Ajay Devgan in which he played a negative character, most of the movies are box office disasters. However, the failure of the films does not seem to have any effect on Saif. What are the Saif movies that are coming continuously.

Obviously, one of the reasons for this may be that the success of the failed movies would not have fallen entirely on Saif’s shoulders. Second, the kind of roles an actor of his stature is performing for, other counterparts seem to avoid. Saif is even playing the role of the young daughter’s father. Coming in a romantic role and also playing a negative character. Whether the roles are small or large. They are not tied to any image. Saif has his own stardom and no actor of his stature avoids making films like him.

Saif’s priorities now are just acting

It’s clear that due to his shift in focus, Saif is proving to be perfect for all the characters. It is also getting great movies continuously. Vikram Veda is a large-scale movie. Whose biggest attraction is Hrithik Roshan. Aadipurush is also a great movie in which Saif will be seen in the role of Ravana alongside Prabhas. Bunty Aur Babli 2 may have failed, but it was made on a grand scale too. In general, at the stage of your career, it doesn’t matter that the movie is on your shoulder. They are enjoying the space that they are receiving very well.

In fact, Saif now seems to have become active as an actor rather than the traditional Bollywood hero. They too are making their mark. He also made the famous Netflix web series Sacred Games when the great actors of his Bollywood counterpart Shokald are seen doing nothing through this medium. Saif impressed a lot at Sacred Games. He also does political series like Tandav and won people’s hearts with his acting. Saif’s character selection is a clear indication that he will continue to play long innings as an actor. It will be interesting to see it in Vikram Veda and Adipurush.

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