Sambhavna Seth’s fight at Siddharth’s funeral shows the frustration and stress of the stars!

In the Mayan city of Mumbai, even though everything seems calm and clean from the outside, there is actually so much emptiness inside. There is an immense tension and pressure hidden in the smiles of the stars who smile at the peak of fame and immersed in the luxuries of the world. In the glamor industry, stars continue to face a different kind of frustration along with stress. It is not that only useless and less famous stars face each other. Here even stars who get a lot of work and are seen at the peak of fame have to cope with frustration and stress. Each person’s labels are different, and sometimes this tension of yours is visible on the outside.

Like in the video of Sambhavna Seth at Siddharth Shukla’s funeral. Like all of Siddharth Shukla’s close friends, Sambhavna Seth also came to the crematorium with her husband Avinash Dwivedi to see the actor one last time. Here he had a confrontation with the police. There is also a video of the incident on social media in which Sambhavna and her husband can be seen interacting with the police. Sambhavna accuses the police of slapping her husband. While the police can be heard denying.

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In the video, some people with Sambhavna look furious. A man is seen trying to handle the possibility. A middle-aged man is seen pleading with folded hands, possibly Sambhavna Seth, to remain calm. Since the matter is during the funeral, the unexpected incident that happened there caught everyone’s attention.

The video of the confrontation with the police can be seen below: –

Why are the stars angry, tense, frustrated?

The stars of the film industry face different kinds of pressure and stress. Everyone here is concerned about their race and struggling to stay in the race. The structure of the industry is such that here sometimes other things seem more important than talent. Perhaps you are an expert in related work, you have come out of a properly prepared film institute. But this does not mean that you will get less as soon as you go to Mumbai. It may be that the job is available as soon as you leave and it may also be that you have to wait a long time for the first opportunity. Even if you have the first chance, it will be completely opposite to your expectations.

He meets, auditions, shows skill but is rejected. Sometimes the project doesn’t go through even after getting great opportunities. fail. These things cause problems for those who pursue dreams. If you come out of oblivion and also become a superstar, then you have to face another kind of pressure. You have to keep the space you have. Work long shifts. You go through a grueling schedule. The fear of losing something is sitting inside. If you are a hero-heroine of the world, then you have to be isolated from the world. In this way, a limited world is created, more professional than practical. You don’t stay home by staying home.

What to do with the pressure to stay in shape, to get a job?

The fever of work and stardom takes the stars to a different world where only a few know their well-being. Above all, with increasing age, there is a different elasticity to staying “handsome.” After Siddharth’s death, his friend Sameer Soni rightly told our affiliate channel Aaj Tak: “There is pressure to look good and be fit. This industry looks good from the outside, but it isn’t. You have to look good. mentally Yes.

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