Sanjay Dutt is shocked by Shuddh Singh’s avatar in Shamshera, whether or not Hindus’ feelings have been hurt.

Yash Raj Films’ Shamshera, directed by Karan Malhotra, has been released in theaters. The story of the film is a fictional period drama, but it describes the history of the fight for freedom. The rebel group also fought relentlessly against the oppression of the British and paid a heavy price for it. By the way, there are dozens of such true stories in the fight for freedom. Ranbir Kapoor’s role in Shamshera is said to be that of a fighter/tribal leader. Ranbir plays the dual role of father and son of a tribal chief. The group is led by a tribal chief and if there are other groups of people along with the tribes in the lot, it will be revealed only after the movie comes out.

The Shamshera trailer came out at the end of June and it contains almost the same story as mentioned above. The story of Shamshera is from the British Raj. The group of rebels robs the Seth-Mahajans. Naturally, he also steals from the British. He maybe he wants to get rid of the slavery and oppression of the British Raj. The British fail to control the tribal chief despite all efforts. Later, the British gave a cruel officer named Shuddh Singh to crush the revolt of the tribes. What is the story of father and son and how does Shuddh Singh deal with the tribal group? All this will be shown in the film.

Sanjay Dutt plays the character of Shuddh Singh in Shamshera.

The trailer for the film was much loved. Ranbir’s gaze in the role of a rebel had easily caught people’s attention. Shuddh Singh is the second main character in the film, whose look has remained the center of attraction since his appearance. Shuddh Singh is actually the main villain of the film. Sanjay Dutt is playing it. After Agneepath and the recent KGF 2, Sanjay has thus far made a tremendous impression as a villain or character artist. Ten years ago, his role as Kancha Cheena in Agneepath, directed by Karan Malhotra, caused a sensation. Kancha Cheena’s gaze was terrifying and terrible in the texture of him.

In the last ten years, Sanjay Dutt has been able to generate discussion only as a villain.

Agneepath did a huge business at the box office and apart from Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Dutt, Rishi Kapoor made a deep impression in the role of Rauf Lala in the film. It was thanks to this movie that Sanjay and Rishi were almost reborn as actors in the second phase of their careers. Both actors subsequently made several films as character artists. Rishi Kapoor was fine, but Sanjay Dutt was seen struggling. In the past ten years, Sanjay Dutt played different roles in many movies, but doesn’t he remember when he got Kancha Cheena’s attention?

However, in Yash’s KGF 2, which arrived this year, Sanjay Dutt played another major role as the main villain ‘Adheera’. KGF 2 was a huge success. Of course, Sanjay Dutt’s work with Yash won a lot of praise from people. Looking at Sanjay Dutt’s stature and personality, it can be assumed that his Shuddh Singh character in Shamshera may also be a milestone. After Kancha Cheena, Adheera, this Shuddh Singh character will establish him as the most feared villain in Bollywood. Anyway, Shuddh Singh seems to carry ‘awful and cowardly’ in the texture of him. Manufacturers have woven it in a similar way. The possibility of controversy over the symbols cannot be ruled out either.

The main story of the film is the story of the struggle between the tribes and the British. But at the moment in the trailer it seems to be the story of the fight between the freedom fighters and Shuddh Singh. The audience may not like this style of the creators. A pure lion puts Tripund on his forehead. He keeps a big tent and wears Rudraksha garlands etc. around his neck. This Bana is from holy Mahatma or religious leaders and not from any officer or army officer. In the Sanatana tradition, such a plot is considered to be associated with peace and humanity, not as an oppressor.

Isn’t the purpose of the creators of Shamshera through Shuddh Singh to divide Indian society into castes?

The creators do not know for what purpose they want to portray Shuddh Singh with the help of such symbols. From the way Shuddh Singh has been shaped, it now appears that he is a person who believes in religious beliefs. Despite his acts, he is fierce and ruthless. Naturally, someone who believes in Hindu symbols may find it problematic to see the character of Sanjay Dutt in such symbols. Given that the protagonist of the story comes from the tribal community, it should come as no surprise if it is also seen as an attempt to divide the Sanatana tradition.

Anyway, when the trailer for the movie came out, a section criticized it and said that after all that is the difference between Bollywood thinking and Southern cinema. People had said that in the Indian context, SS Rajamouli shows the history of tribal rebellion in RRR by reconciling it with Indianness. A story that, in its purpose, connects Indians of different castes and religions in a national thread. While he is inspired by the events that happened in reality. Don’t think about making a Bollywood movie about immortal tribal martyrs like “Birsa Munda” who sacrificed themselves against British slavery and oppression. Someone Pa Ranjith has to come from the south and make a movie. On the other hand, the purpose of Shamshera made in Bollywood, instead of creating a national unity between the different religious castes, seems to be trying to keep them apart through symbols.

And if people’s claims are accepted for a minute, then the struggle of Shamshera and Shuddh Singh in the Yash Raj movie, the struggle of the British and the Indians, strengthened the establishment of the caste struggle within Indian society. more than he fights for slavery and freedom. The second darkness of the past covers the bitter truths. The country of Shamshera only says that it would have been better if the story had been between the tribes or the Indians against the British. Or Shuddh Singh’s character would show the oppression of the British Raj in his texture. The creators of Shamshera had to show a fictional story of caste oppression, they had to take up the story of a people like Salim Javed, in which the caste of the hero is not known but the villain is a Thakur, a priest or a Lala. . It is a fraud to show the stories of struggle for freedom through the prism of caste.

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