Sanju fell for the Sri Lankan wicketkeeper; This is how it came out in ’46 !!

Goalie-hitter Sanju Samson has given high hopes in his first ODI. Sanju, who chased after Sri Lankan bowlers, jumped to his half century on his debut. But he was out by 46 in 4 overs. Sanju was sacked by Sri Lankan goalkeeper Minod Banuka.

Sanju tried to get Jayavikrama’s ball out of the area but couldn’t make the expected shot. On the 19th, Avishka Fernando fired Sanju for an easy catch. Banuka instructed the bowler who accurately understood Sanju’s batting style. Sanju was caught in a well-prepared trap.

Sanju scored 46 of 46 balls. Entries consisted of five fours and six. Sanju, who has played 7 T20s, is playing his first ODI.

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Banuka, who debuted in this tournament for Sri Lanka, is doing a great job. The batter, who opens the innings with Fernando, is expected to hit. Banuka took three catches in the third ODI. The goalkeeper has high hopes for Sri Lanka.

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