Sardar Udham: 5 scenes from Vicky Kaushal, which is a challenge for any actor!

As expected for the period biographical drama Sardar Udham, Shoojit Sircar and Vicky Kaushal’s pairing has given 100 percent better. Sardar Udham should now be considered the “identity film” of Indian cinema in terms of period dramas, especially biopics. The story of the film is that of one of those freedom fighters, Sardar Udham Singh, whom people do not know in detail. They have definitely found a place in the school curriculum, but until now their sacrifice, struggle, and indomitable courage hadn’t been presented to people in such an emotional and painful way in reality. In the current era of communalism and politics, the Shoojit Sircar and Vicky Kaushal couple have certainly paid great tribute to the immortal martyrs through film.

Sardar Udham will stream on Amazon Prime Video from October 16. After the release of the film, there is a lot of talk about it. People are not wrong when they say that Sardar Udham, director of Shoojit, is a masterpiece and that the role of Vicky Kaushal is the best role of the year. The praise from the whole team for Sardar Udham is lower. Everyone has done a great job on his forehead. Vicky Kaushal looks at the most wonderful stage of her career at Sardar Udham. In Sardar Udham, you often see proof of how much hard work and level of preparation he must have done for the character. He has portrayed Sardar Udham’s pain exactly on screen. Sardar Udham is the film in which Vicky Kaushal has experienced many acting skills together. Their silence also embarrasses them.

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He is seen angry in many places, but his anger is not hatred but genuine resistance. It is this sense of acting that makes the difference between a psychopathic killer and a freedom fighter in a movie. Vicky Kaushal’s style of dialogue presentation in court is seen on par with world-class actors. The best picture is perfect in every way and Sardar Udham definitely fits the rhythm of the best picture perfectly. Let’s talk about the five best Vicky Kaushal scenes from a must-see movie, which is really so much better than Bollywood it is a great challenge to be able to replicate or even be seen around any actor in Indian cinema.

# 1. Jail Release Scene In Sardar Udham’s opening frame, Vicky Kaushal is seen coming out of jail. With muddy clothes, wrapped shawls, bandoliers, the beard has grown. Vicky Kaushal as Sardar Udham has the pain of prison within, but seems lost in the hustle and bustle of seeking revenge. Stop at a store, grab some food, and continue to your destination. Stay in a hotel. There are only a few limited dialogues in the entire frame of the hotel. In the rest of the scenes, he looks quiet but the expressions on his face continue to communicate with the audience.sardar-udham-movie-p_101721052938.jpg

# 2. Scene while visiting Russia: The Sardar Udham scenes were filmed by Shoojit Sircar in the snowy region of Serbia. Dodging the British, Sardar heads towards Russia through Afghanistan. Some pass on foot with local passersby in the snowy area. Vicky Kaushal has not delivered any dialogue in these Sardar Udham frames. But here he has also managed to act with full control through expressions. Shoojit has made many amazing shots in Serbia.

# 3. Interrogation scene: To break the freedom fighters, the British used to torture to the point of inhumanity. Sardar Udham is arrested after killing Michael O’Dwyer. After this, a period of endless torture begins in the interrogation process. Here the acting is so real and the scenes seem close to reality. Many scenes are so effective that even the audience begins to feel the pain of that torture and their eyes close when left alone.

# 4. Trial in the courtroom: A new avatar of Vicky Kaushal is seen during the court trial. Which until now has not been seen in Sardar Udham or in any of his other films. Even in Masaan himself. Vicky Kaushal as Sardar Udham opposes being declared a criminal in court. And they destroy the logic of British law and human rights. Here Vicky Kaushal has spoken in dialogue like a seasoned Hollywood actor with quick but light pauses in between. The presentation style of the dialogues and the logic of the dialogues is amazing.sardar-udham-movie-p_10172105343.jpg

# 5. Jallianwala Bagh Massacre: The Jallianwala Bagh scene is one of the most demanding scenes in the film. Although this scene has gotten a bit long in Sardar Udham, it was also necessary for the story. Both the transformation and the performance of Vicky Kaushal and Kishore Udham are excellent. Vicky has talked about dialogue in places in the long, wide scene, but her acting and the Jallianwala scenes shake. The Jallianwala Bagh massacre was the event that wrote the script for the British leaving India. This incident had given a new mode to the Indian freedom struggle. I don’t know how many young freedom fighters across the country opposed the autocratic British rule. One of them was Sardar Udham. Vicky Kaushal very beautifully showed how Sardar Udham lived his life for almost 20 years by suppressing the pain of Jallianwala in his chest.(All photos are courtesy of Amazon Prime Video)

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