school principal case: Without uniform; Case against the principal for telling the girls to undress: the police search the fir tree against the principal of madhya pradesh, who allegedly asked the girls to immediately disobey by not wearing uniforms


  • Incident in Madhya Pradesh
  • Poxo case against the director
  • Students and parents protest

Bhopal: The police have registered a case against a principal who spoke obscenely to girls on the eve of Teacher’s Day. The police have presented a case with the students who spoke to the girls at school, not to be guided by the uniform.

The incident took place in the Rajgarh district of Madhya Pradesh, the Free Press Journal reported. The incident took place at a government upper secondary school in Machhalpur. Students and teachers gathered in front of the police station and demanded that a case be filed against the school principal. Subsequently, a case was registered against the teacher for the complaint of three students.

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It was learned that Radheshyam Malaviya, 50, the school principal, saw some girls arriving at school without uniforms and called them into the office. But the girls say he spoke obscenely to them in the office. A girl told the media.

The children say they came to school in civilian clothes because they couldn’t sew their uniforms. The children were told they would wear uniforms starting Monday. But the girls alleged that the director asked them to remove the clothes they were wearing now. According to the Indian Express, the director said that such clothing would “make the children worse.”

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But the director denied the allegations. They claim he’s caught in a forgery case. The principal said that it was his duty to ensure discipline in the school and that he only asked students to come to school in uniform. The principal added that they were his students and had never spoken to children in an obscene way.

According to the Machalpur police, a case against the children has been registered under the Poxo Law and various IPC departments and the investigation is ongoing. Police said they came to the home to arrest the director, but he was not at the scene. The police measure consists of recording the statement of the complainants in court on Monday.

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