Schools reopening: schools open in Delhi; First phase Classes from September 1, 9 to 12: Schools in Delhi will reopen in a staggered manner Classes for classes from 9 to 12 will begin on September 1


  • Open schools in Delhi
  • The first phase will begin on September 1
  • The second phase will begin on September 8

New Delhi: The decision has been made to open educational institutions in Delhi in phases. The first phase of classes will begin on September 1. In the first phase, classes 9 to 12 will begin. Classes 6 to 8 will begin on September 8.

The decision to reopen the schools was based on a report from a panel of experts. The expert panel suggested that schools could reopen in phases starting next month. The committee presented its report to the government on Wednesday, English news channel NDTV reported. The committee suggested that the children could drop out of school or choose an online class, depending on the parents’ decision.

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Schools in Delhi have also been closed since the country declared closure last year. Later, with Kovid cases declining, Delhi also started classes from 9 to 12 last January when several states opened schools. But once Kovid spread again, classes had to be interrupted.

The spread of Kovid is currently under control in Delhi. Yesterday only 45 cases of Kovid were reported in the capital of the country. It is also noteworthy that there were no deaths yesterday. Delhi was the state most affected by the second wave of Kovid. But then the situation got under control.

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At the same time, there has been an increase in the number of Kovid-19 cases per day in the country today. According to figures published by the Union Ministry of Health, 44,658 new cases of Kovid have been reported in the country. It is also noteworthy that high cases of covid are reported in Kerala.

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The total number of confirmed Kovid cases in the country rose to 3,26,03,188 crore. The country has recently reported 496 Kovid deaths. This brings the total number of Kovid deaths in the country to 4.36,861. In the last 24 hours, 32,988 people have been released from Kovid. With this, so far 3,18,21,428 people have gotten rid of Kovid. There are 3,44,899 active cases in various states.

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