Shabas Mithu’s story is inspiring, but Rajkumar’s police style in HIT is going to storm the meeting.

Two mid-budget Bollywood films: Taapsee Pannu’s Shabas Mithu and Rajkumar Rao Sanya Malhotra’s Hit: The First Case have opened simultaneously at the box office this week. The land of both films is completely different. Shabaas Mithu, directed by Srijit Mukherji, is the story of cricket legend Mithali Raj, while the hit thriller drama directed by Shailesh Kolanu. Audiences were waiting for both movies for different reasons. Rajkumar and Taapsee Pannu are considered among the best actors in Bollywood. Despite this, there is not much noise on social networks regarding the films of both actors.

However, after the release, the opinion of critics and some audiences about both movies is coming to light. Almost critics have rated both films equally and scored between 2.5 and 3.5 out of five. In view of the scale of Shabas Mithu and Hit, the ratings that both films receive will not be considered bad. But based on the reactions of the audience, it seems that Rajkumar Rao is seen turning twenty in the form of a policeman against the story of Mithali’s struggle. Shabaas Mithu is based on a true story.

Shabas Mithu and Hit have been released together.

What is the opinion of the audience about Shabaas Mithu and Hit?

Shabas Mithu is receiving praise and is also counted as a motivational movie. The story and the script of the film are receiving praise. But the audience believes that the direction is not of that level, which was actually the demand of the story. In terms of sports biographical drama, the audience felt that Mithali Raj’s story was so strong that it would be remembered for a long time if some things were paid attention to, including directing. Things spoil the flavor from one place to another in the movie. Most of the audience have also found Taapsee’s work in the role of Mithali to be average. Little by little, Vijay Raj and some other actors have definitely managed to gain praise. Viewers call it a must-play drama for the Mithali Raj story.

The second case is with the hit. It is a remake of South. And the director of the original film has also directed the Hindi version. Almost the audience is considering the success as an attractive movie. It must be said that there is a good dose of suspense and emotion in the story of the film. The way Rajkumar, Sanya and Milind Gunaji have lived their characters is also wonderful. But you also see many viewers who believe that the climax of the film spoils things. The climax in the suspenseful and suspenseful drama is not liked by people. For the thrill of acting and suspense, the audience tells Hit a movie worth seeing once. By the way, some even said that despite having the same director, the Bollywood remake is very weak in many ways from the original film.

Both movies seem to be dying before they even go up at the box office.

If we look at the box office of Rajkumar and Taapsee Pannu movies on the first day of the clash, then both movies do not look weak against each other. It is estimated in different trade reports that both movies can earn between and a half crores. If the collection stays around the estimate, then it can’t be called much better. Both stars’ previous films also flopped at the box office. There is no doubt that despite the new release, people’s enthusiasm for the film on all social media platforms or the internet seems to be cold. Nor can it be said that the crash destroyed the box office of the movies. Movies seem to be dying before they can even make it to the box office.

Disappointing atmosphere also on IMDB

At the time of writing the Shabas Mithu story on the IMDb internet movie database, only a little over 100 users have come to rate it. In that too, registered users have rated the sports drama only 3.3 out of 10. Here the hit condition is worse. About 36 users came to rate and rated 3.9 out of 10. It is very disappointing and testifies to the cold enthusiasm of the audience. It can be believed that the business of the film will not be seen in such a way that the commercial circle will be excited.

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