shah rukh khan: The lawyer says that Aryan came as a guest; NCB to present evidence in court today – shah rukh khan’s son, aryan khan, was arrested latest news and statements from the narcotics control bureau


  • Aryan Khan will appear in court today.
  • The NCB said it had received the evidence.
  • The raid continues in Navi Mumbai.

Mumbai: Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan, who was arrested in a case involving a drunken party on a luxury ship, will be presented in court today. The NCB will require no more than one day of court-allowed custody. The NCB has accused Aryan of buying, selling and using drugs.

The NCB has demanded custody of Aryan, Aryan’s close friend Arbas Merchant, and actress and model Mun Dhamecha. The defendants were in constant contact with the drug traffickers, as evidence against them became available during the preliminary investigation. NCB’s attorney told the court on Sunday that his WhatsApp messages were evidence.

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The lawyer told the court that Aryan was invited to the party as a guest. “Aryan didn’t even have a ticket or boarding pass because he was a guest. The investigation team couldn’t find any drugs in Aryan’s bag,” Aryan’s lawyer told the court.

The NCB said it had seized illicit drugs such as cocaine, hashish and MDMA from the ship. Of the 11 people detained along with Aryan Khan, three were reportedly women. The NCB had previously confirmed that Aryan’s close friend Arbas Merchant, former actress and model Dhamecha, Nupur Sariga, Ismeet Singh, Mohaq Jaswal, Vikrant Choker and Gomit Chopra were questioned in connection with the case. This was followed by the arrests of Aryan Khan, Arbas Merchant and Munmun. An investigation has been launched to find those who supplied them with drugs. As part of this, Navi also stepped up the raids in Mumbai.

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According to the NCB court, drugs worth 1.33 lakh rupees were seized from the ship. However, several rooms on the ship were inspected, but there were reports that the investigation team needed more time to conduct a detailed inspection. The party was organized by Fashion TV in association with a Delhi-based company. The group consisted of people from Bollywood, fashion and business. The event was called a musical event and tickets were issued. In this way, more than 100 tickets were sold.

The ship was inspected by NCB’s area director, Sameer Wankade. The officers boarded the ship disguised as passengers. The event ran from October 2nd to 4th. Later, when the ship left the shores of Mumbai and reached the Mediterranean, the drug party began. Shortly after the party started, NCB officials raided and arrested the culprits.

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