Shahrukh Khan’s birthday: Being the king of romance hasn’t been easy for Shahrukh

Shahrukh Khan was 15 years old when his father Taj Mohammad passed away. He had cancer. Disaster hit the family and the fight of Shahrukh Khan, who was called the king of romance, started from here. If Shahrukh Khan wants to meet someone, he must first go to Peshawar in Pakistan from where his father had come to Delhi on foot and fought for India’s independence with Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan. Shahrukh Khan’s grandfather was a commander in the army of Subhash Chandra Bose. In the story of Shahrukh Khan, there are Peshawar, Delhi and the Mayan city, in addition to Mumbai, Switzerland is also one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Born on November 2, 1965 (Shahrukh Khan’s birthday), the story of meeting Shahrukh’s father and mother is also fleeting. In reality, Taj Mohammad was wandering around with his friends at India Gate. Then he came a car and hit the divider. Fatima was unconscious. Taj went ahead and, together with his friends, took that girl to the hospital. There was too much blood. She also gave blood. The girl was engaged to the famous cricketer Abbas Ali Baig. This girl was Lateef Fatima Khan. Memory was lost after the accident. Taj took complete care of Fatima on her way to getting her to college. Little by little he fell in love with Fatima. When we talked to Fatima’s father about getting married, he said: Marry my youngest daughter. Taj said – I will marry only Fatima. The family had to give in to the love of Taj Mohammed and they both got married.

Shahrukh Khan, who started with television, had created a different identity based on series like Fauji, Circus.

Very few people know that Shahrukh’s father also participated in the Mewat general election but lost. His heart was full of politics. Taj Mohammed was close to the Gandhi-Nehru family but he was a very proud man. To manage the house, Taj Mohammed opened a tea shop opposite the Russian culture of Delhi. The store continued and then Taj Mohammad also started doing Chole Bhature. Shahrukh was then eight years old and also used to go to the store from time to time. Taj Mohammad also ran a canteen in NSD. Meanwhile, mother Fatima (mother of shahrukh khan) began to work as a social magistrate in a social service organization.

In 9 Shahrukh movies, his character’s name is Rahul. Shahrukh Khan has played the role of the villain in 6 movies so far. There are 16 such films in his career in which his character dies. SRK, who has become the king of Bollywood, had a lot of weakness in Hindi. Mom once said that if you bring up good numbers in Hindi, I’ll show a movie. Shahrukh scored the highest number that year in Hindi alone. People may not believe it but it is true that Shahrukh Khan does not like to eat ice cream, the King of Bollywood has a phobia of horse riding. Shahrukh’s film ‘Kabhi Ya Kabhi Na’ was released in 1994. On the day of the film’s release, Shahrukh Khan had sold tickets sitting at a theater counter. He was given 25 lakhs for this film. Shahrukh Khan is also very superstitious, his vehicle number is usually 555. They believe that the right combination of numbers can work wonders in your life. When asked why Shahrukh wears only ironed pajamas to sleep, he once jokingly said: Do you know friend, who to meet in a dream?

The father died of cancer in 1980 and Shahrukh Khan’s mother, Fatima, also passed away at the age of 26. Shahrukh Khan’s mother believed that her son would one day become a big star, that turned out to be true, but she had bid farewell to this world even before Shahrukh reached the heights of fame.

Shahrukh Khan got his early education at St. Columbia School in Delhi. Shahrukh took great interest in hockey, football and cricket since his school days. Those who know Shahrukh closely say that Shahrukh used to run very fast in his childhood, so his friends used to call him ‘Mail Express’. Shahrukh Khan, known as the King of Bollywood, graduated in Economics from Hansraj College in Delhi. Shahrukh Khan had signed up for PG at Jamia’s Mass Communication, but left his studies midway through to pursue his acting career. And he started learning acting from Barry Jaan, where his friend was Manoj Bajpayee.

The Los Angeles Times once called Shah Rukh Khan the biggest movie star in the world. According to a 2014 report, Shahrukh Khan was the second richest actor in the world. Shahrukh Khan’s madness abroad is such that it is said that when he is in Berlin, traffic stops there.

Shahrukh is married to Gauri. The love story of these two for their father is also interesting. Gauri comes from a traditional Hindu-Punjabi family. The first meeting of both took place in Delhi itself. Shahrukh often used to tease Gauri by singing the song ‘Gori Tera Gaon Bada Pyara’. For 13 years, Shahrukh did not speak to Gauri about love. And one day suddenly Shahrukh said: Gauri, I will only marry you, when Gauri’s family found out about the relationship between the two, Gauri’s departure from the house was reduced. But Shahrukh Khan persisted, finding love for her. Shah Rukh would take Gauri’s nephews to the theater, to the disco. In this way, Gauri’s relatives were placed in her court. Shahrukh did not like Gauri meeting other boys. He told Gauri: I’m not saying that you sit with me, but I can’t see you with the others. Shahrukh would get angry even when Gauri’s hair was open because he believed that Gauri looks very beautiful with her hair open and he doesn’t want anyone else to see this beauty in her. Very few people know that Shahrukh first came to Mumbai only because of Gauri. Gauri had come to Mumbai at the home of a relative of hers. Shahrukh knew that Gauri likes to look at the sea, so he would find Gauri every night on the beaches of Mumbai and one day they found Gauri on the same beach. Seeing Shahrukh, Gauri wept bitterly as she hugged him.

Shahrukh Khan, who started with television, had created his own identity based on series like Dil Dariya, Fauji, Circus. But as his mother used to say, my son will one day become a big star. He did not give up his fight and became the king of romance. Shahrukh Khan first appeared on the big screen in ‘Deewana’. Divya Bharti and Rishi Kapoor were at Deewana. But Shahrukh Khan had reached the eyes of all. Those who know Shahrukh’s film career closely believe that ‘Darr’ and ‘Baazigar’ were the early films of his career, which said that this boy from Delhi will rule Mumbai in the next few years. Actually, there is also a magic of Shahrukh Khan that when you see him, you enter the world he created where there is no one else.

In 1995, Shahrukh Khan became a part of the film ‘Guddu’ by director and producer Prem Lalwani. With whose money he bought his first apartment in Mumbai. In 2001, Shahrukh acquired ‘Villa Vienna’ on Bandra beach for just Rs 13.32 crore, which was named Jannat. After coming to this house, all his wishes began to come true, so he changed the name of the house to Mannat (Shahrukh khan house mannat).

Shahrukh Khan is called the king of romance. Devdas, Veerzara, Dil To Pagal Hai, DDLG movies made him the new superstar of India. In 2006, Farhan Akhtar made a new version of Don and people liked Shahrukh’s action avatar. He showed his acting skills with My Name is Khan and experimented with movies like Maneesh Sharma’s Fan, Aanand L Rai’s Zero, Rahul Dholakia’s Raees. Shahrukh Khan’s biggest fans are girls, but very few people know that King Khan is more shy around girls. Not only this, Shahrukh is also afraid of girls.

Shahrukh Khan’s greatest quality is that he speaks with his eyes. This happened when there was a thirty-six figure between Salman and Shahrukh. Salman was asked on some show. What do you like about Shahrukh Khan? Salman had the answer. His eyes speak volumes. Shahrukh Khan is the name of making ordinary characters extraordinary, Shahrukh Khan is the name of giving Bollywood movies a new global market. Shahrukh Khan is not an accidental star. There is a middle-class boy who spent his childhood and his youth in a rented house. Shahrukh Khan is the name of that stardom that has been decorated very neatly. A boy from Delhi whose maternal grandmother named him Abdul Rehman but his father named him Shahrukh. The name is said to have a lot of effect. Shah means king and Rukh means face. Father kept the name and look, Shahrukh really became the king.

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