Shahrukh Khan’s Son Aryan Arrested, People’s Anger On Twitter Is In Seventh Heaven!

Once on Simi Grewal’s show, Shahrukh Khan jokingly said that my son should do everything that I couldn’t do for lack. He had said, “When Aryan turns 3-4, I’ll tell him that he can go after girls. He can take drugs and have sex. He better start all this soon, which I couldn’t. If Aryan leaves the house, I would like people who work with me and who have daughters to come and complain. ” This old Shahrukh interview is going very viral on social media right now. His father Shahrukh is being attacked on Twitter under the pretext of Aryan Khan. Actually, the NCB team is questioning Aryatan Khan in the Mumbai cruise drug case. On October 2, NCB had stormed the rave party held at sea.

Banned drugs have recovered from the rave party. Many high-profile people have been arrested in the case. Aryan Khan was also on the cruise ship during the raid. He was arrested after questioning by NCB Marathon. According to our affiliate channel India Today, Aryan’s mobile has been seized. Your chat has been searched. However, what is in them is clear. Aryan told NCB that he was not aware of the rave party on the cruise ship. He was invited as a guest. He didn’t even make any payments to go on the cruise. A friend of Aryan is also being questioned.

Pathan’s session had to be postponed because of her son!

After Aryan’s arrival in the clutches of NCB, the Bollywood king, Shahrukh, seems to be surrounded by problems. He had to hastily cancel the Spanish programming of the upcoming Pathan movie. Shahrukh-Deepika Padukone and other crew members had to leave for Spain for filming, but a sudden disaster blocked the way. Shahrukh is said to have canceled all meetings. They are talking to people minute by minute, getting updates on the Aryan case. In Spain, Shahrukh was about to record a special Pathan song. Pathan is a Yash Raj Films production. John Abraham will also be seen in a major role alongside Shahrukh. After the news broke of NCB’s interrogation of Aryan, the anger of the people on social media is worth watching.

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Father selling cancer, his son Aryan turns out to be a drug addict

After Aryan’s arrest, the “Social Media Trial” begins in the case of the Mumbai cruise ship. People view Aryan as a defendant from now on and share his reactions. People have also pointed to some Shahrukh ads on Twitter. Shahrukh recently did a pan masala ad with Ajay Devgan. By sharing the image, many people wrote that the father is promoting and selling cancer. The son turned out to be a drug addict. Some wrote targeting the drug ads made by Shahrukh, like a father like a son.


Many share their old interview with Simi Grewal and write: Shahrukh Khan Congratulations, your son has fulfilled his dream. Many hashtags related to Shahrukh and her son are in the top trend. One of these includes #SRK_ka_son_addict. There are also reactions of this type on social networks in which the example of the Aryan case is being given to those who advertise drugs. He also demanded that the stars feed their children before announcing such things.

Riya Chakraborty is also on target, funny memes look

Some users also created memes targeting Riya Chakraborty. A meme created in an iconic scene from Shahrukh’s Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge movie is pretty viral. In this, instead of Shahrukh Kajol, photos of Riya and Aryan Khan have been used. With this, it is written that Riya Chakraborty has found a new partner in crime. While creating a meme at the Lagaan scene, another user wrote: Riya’s reaction after Aryan was caught taking drugs. It’s written in the meme – Well done garbage. Here Aryan is shown as trash.


Other Bollywood stars are also targeted on social media. People also mocked Bollywood’s alleged silence after Aryan was questioned in the drug case. One user scoffed and wrote: “Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan will come out clean. The boy must be innocent.” There is no shortage of people on social media regarding Aryan’s current case, calling it the result of Shahrukh’s actions. It is only because of Shahrukh Hey Akyon, Aryan, all his family and friends like Karan Johar can also be seen in the target of social media users.

Below are some of the funniest memes to read and see on Twitter about Shah Rukh and Aryan Khan.

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