Shahrukh who faced Sameer Wankhede fined Rs 1.5 lakh

salient feature:

  • Sameer Wankhede is being discussed about Aryan Khan’s arrest.
  • Sameer Wankhede is the Zonal Director of Narcotics Control Bureau.
  • Samin Wankhede has faced many Bollywood stars.

After the arrest of Aryan Khan, the Zonal Director of Narcotics Control Bureau Samin Wankhede has been the subject of much discussion. Although very few people would know that this is not the first time that Shah Rukh Khan has faced Samin Wankhede. Even before this, Samin Wankhede had stopped Shahrukh once. Shah Rukh Khan was also fined around Rs 1.5 lakh for non-payment of customs duty.

In 2011, Shahrukh met Samin Wankhede. Shahrukh Khan was returning from a trip to Holland and London with his entire family at that time. Shahrukh went on vacation with his family. Shahrukh Khan was stopped at the airport by Samin Wankhede’s team. He had foreign goods on which customs duty had to be paid.

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Sameer Wankhede was working as an Assistant Commissioner in the Customs Office at the airport at that time. At that time Shahrukh Khan had at least 20 suitcases. Because of this baggage, he had to sit at the airport for hours. Sameer Wankhede’s team checked Shahrukh’s luggage. He and his family were not allowed to leave until Shah Rukh Khan paid Rs 1.5 lakh in customs duty.

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It may be mentioned that Shah Rukh Khan is not the only actor who has faced Sameer Wankhede. Many film stars have faced interrogation of Samin Wankhede at the airport. One of these names is also Anushka Sharma. It is said that Sameer Wankhede interrogated Anushka for 11 hours at the airport. A diamond bracelet, necklace, earring and 2 precious watches were found from her.

Apart from this, Bollywood stars like Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Minissha Lamba, Ranbir Kapoor, Mika Singh, Bipasha Basu, Vivek Oberoi, Anurag Kashyap, Rhea Chakraborty have faced Sameer Wankhede. Sameer Wankhede was also accused of targeting Bollywood. Responding to the allegation, Sameer said, “I am not against Bollywood, I am against law breakers.”

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Significantly, Samin Wankhede is currently accused of taking bribe of Rs 8 crore in Aryan Khan case. An NCB witness has made the allegation. Sameer Wankhede’s wife and sister have since come to the media and have denied the allegations. He claimed that his confession was obtained through torture and that his confession was obtained through torture.

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