Shahrukh’s Pathan-Jawan campaign has begun, now King Khan wants to cross in Karuna’s chariot!

Three Shahrukh Khan movies are up for discussion. First- With Yash Raj Campus- Pathan. It is almost ready and will be released in January next year. Second- Jawan is being directed by Atlee Kumar, and is scheduled to be released next year. Another movie is Dunki, which is being produced by Rajkumar Hirani. Filmmakers whose movies are released in January are seen doing aggressive promotions. For example, Om Raut’s Adipurush will also be released in January. The teaser for the movie has arrived. There is strong opposition. But the direct promotion of Shahrukh’s films is not visible. Rather he seems intelligent. Things are being prepared and then his movies are being linked.

In fact, Shah Rukh is also one of those Bollywood stars whose films had shown a tremendous boycott at the first initiative. After Zero, he may not have had a movie for the last four years, but it hasn’t been shown that month without King Khan objecting on social media. There is no doubt that the boycott campaign has done a lot of damage to Shahrukh’s image. Not only Shahrukh but all Bollywood producers and actors have also suffered due to the Boycott campaign. Pathan is on the radar anyway. When then thing about Boykoy is visible. However, Shahrukh’s team is working hard to change his image.

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Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh in Salman Khan’s way, but it’s too late

Be it Karan Johar, Aamir Khan or Shah Rukh Khan, all the Bollywood stars are trying to use the base of the South to repair their image in the Hindi belt. Many things are happening that can be seen. Shahrukh can also be seen trying to correct the image by resorting to ‘sevabhav’ and compassion as Salman Khan. When Salman Khan faced serious accusations such as assault, intimidation, poaching, road rage, he similarly resorted to ‘service’ and ‘compassion’ to improve his public image. Through Ser Humano, all of his social work was presented as an example and his image as a generous, supportive and down-to-earth actor was created.

Over the past year and a half, efforts have been made to portray Shahrukh as an equally generous and helpful actor. The latest example of this exercise can be seen in Chennai, where King Khan completed the long program of his film ‘Jawan’. In a tweet, Shahrukh not only showed his association with the legendary stars of the South, but also praised his hospitality. And he thanked all the veterans for coming to the Jawan sets. This tweet from Shahrukh has been trending on social media for a long time. Retweeting Shahrukh’s post, Atlee Kumar replied, “Thank you sir. It’s an honor and pleasure to have you here. Most memorable show of my career. You did this session in Chennai. Thank you so much for this… Thousands of families benefited of this. The king is always the king. We respect him by bowing our heads. Much love, sir. See you soon in Mumbai, sir.”

Two things say it all in Atlee’s tweet

Note two important things about this tweet. One: Chennai time was kept because of Shahrukh. Second: Thousands of people got benefit due to Chennai time. Now the question is if the movies were not filmed in Chennai, because of Shahrukh’s schedule, was it possible for people to get jobs? Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad are film cities where, except for some Covid time, the shooting work goes on for 12 months and 24 hours. No filmmaker shooting in these cities has ever written in such a way that thousands of people got jobs thanks to the shoot. This is something natural. This is a total PR stunt. If you have noticed, during the Aryan Khan drug case, people close to Shahrukh saw similar advertising. Shahrukh’s body double interview was very popular in which he told how thousands of people got jobs thanks to Shahrukh in the time of Covid.

It’s also funny that those who are gawking at the grace of employment don’t even know that movies became NRIs because of big stars like Shahrukh Khan in Bollywood. Most of Shahrukh’s films were shot abroad. So it cannot be assumed that Shahrukh did not end the employment of people for a long time? What a contradiction that even private profit is projected as a matter of public welfare. In other places, thousands of people are getting jobs from the making of a movie, which also means that along with the employment of thousands of people, someone is also doing their own job. Don’t do anyone a favor.

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