Shamshera failed: the actors’ demand to make BPL cards, compensation with 5 kg of wheat!

Shamshera’s devastation at the box office has come to the fore as an entertainment spectacle for those who oppose Bollywood. After the release, as the news about the shoddy movie business breaks out every day – Bollywood, the banner of Yash Raj and his movie Shamshera are getting tense. For social media trolls, Shamshera’s drowning has become an event. Many trolls are sharing the joke. People’s creativity seems to have reached a different level under the guise of Shamshera’s failure. Even some crazy people on social media are demanding compensation from the government. The demand is huge.

In I Chowk news related to Shamshera, but there are also movie related jokes coming out from people. There was a very funny reaction from Aitchowk. A troll mocked the movie, writing, “We stand with the cast of the movie Shamshera in this hour of grief. We call on the government to provide proper compensation to the cast of the movie.” There were many comments on the funny response. One of them almost sarcastically agreed with the answer and wrote, “After the BPL card is made, 5 kg of feed grains per month will be guaranteed to be available.” Another user agreed, writing: “Artists must receive 5kg of wheat per month.”

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The internet is full of these kinds of reactions regarding Shamshera.

BPL is a government scheme. Under this, by identifying people living below the poverty line, the government gives them a living ration and all other government facilities. In fact, people are making fun of BPL to say that now the food crisis has arisen in front of Bollywood stars after continuous failures. Not only Aichowk, everywhere on the Internet where Shamshera is discussed, almost similar comments are seen. In this, there is talk of making Bollywood movies flop like Shamshera.

There is no difference between Congress and Bollywood, both are on their way to ending

These comments show how much anger and hatred has taken root in the minds of the common audience about Bollywood movies. People are publicly appealing not to watch Shershah or all Bollywood movies and are constantly trying to convince people that instead of spending money on Bollywood movies they should watch Southern or Hollywood movies. In Southern and Hollywood movies, there are many things that the audience needs to learn and understand with minimal entertainment. You see nothing in Bollywood movies other than a waste of time and money.

One user even wrote that this should be the case for Bollywood filmmakers. I don’t know what world they’re in. You will say that the story is for the Indian public. But through the concoction of their baseless feet, only the Indians are shown talking about fighting each other. Bollywood people will eat and want to pass on the benefits of the country to foreigners. One user even said that Congress and Bollywood are complementary to each other. As the Congress draws to a close, the Bollywood made by him also draws closer to his death. The end of both seems to be fixed.

shamshera vaniShamshera is a period drama, but the creators have fiercely managed to get Vaani Kapoor to play the organ.

Four consecutive flops have broken Yash Raj Films’ back

Shamshera has been made by Yash Raj Films, one of the biggest Bollywood banners. It is a period drama and features Ranbir Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and Vaani Kapoor in pivotal roles. The film is directed by Karan Malhotra. Shamshera has earned just Rs 31.75 crore in the first three days. While the film was released on more than four thousand screens. Yash Raj Films has suffered a fourth consecutive setback at the hands of Shamshera at the box office. Previously, three banner movies: Bunty Aur Babli 2, Jayesh Bhai Jordar and Samrat Prithviraj proved to be a total flop. All the movies were big budget and starcast. Needless to say, the backbone of Yash Raj Films must have been broken due to the sinking of four great films.

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