Sheejan Khan got the stain of love jihad due to Tunisha Sharma’s suicide!

Death is a fact. But premature death raises many questions. When this death becomes a mystery, it becomes a problem. The death of many people in India remains a mystery. From political personalities to movie stars, there are plenty of names whose death mystery remains unsolved to date. From Pratyusha Banerjee to Sushant Singh Rajput, we have many names in front of us whose cause of death could not be clearly revealed. TV actress Tunisha Sharma has become a victim of a similar death. The actress is said to have committed suicide by hanging herself in the make-up room on the set of ‘Alibaba: Dastan-e-Kabul’ in Mumbai. This makeup room belonged to her boyfriend Sheezan Mohammad Khan, who has also co-starred with her. This is the reason why after the complaint from Tunisha’s mother, the police arrested Sheejan.

After the mysterious death of Tunisha Sharma, the talk of the jihad of love has once again started to surface. People allege that Sheejan Mohammad Khan first exploited 20-year-old Tanisha by trapping her in her trap, when he was satisfied he broke up with her. Hurt by this, the actress has given her life. On the other hand, some of Tunisha’s close friends say that she was pregnant, so she was pressuring Zeeshan to get married. But Zeeshan did not want to get married or have a child. When he pressured the actress to have an abortion, she committed suicide in anger.

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Arrested for inciting the suicide of TV actress Tunisha Sharma, the hardship isn’t going to ease Sheejan.

The argument of the Mumbai Police in this matter is different. The police are rejecting the love jihad angle. ACP Chandrakant Jadhav says that according to the autopsy report and the investigation so far, Tunisha died from not being able to bear the shock caused by the rupture. So far no angle of Tunisha being blackmailed has come out. He said that in the autopsy report, the cause of death has been clearly mentioned as hanging. The team of expert doctors has performed the autopsy. According to him, Tunisha was not pregnant. There were no marks of injuries on her body. However, the police have registered a case against Sheejan under IPC section 306 (incitement to suicide) on the basis of a complaint from Tunisha’s mother. Following this, Mumbai’s Vasai court sent him into police custody for 4 days.

Politics has also started in this case. Maharashtra BJP leader Ram Kadam says people claim to love jihad on this issue. If so, then it will be thoroughly investigated. It will determine which people or organizations are involved behind this. If someone has hatched this conspiracy, then we will not leave it at all. The truth will be discovered. Here, even on social media, people are calling it a case of love jihad. Giving the example of the Shraddha murder case of Mehrauli in Delhi, it is said that such incidents are being carried out by deliberately trapping Hindu girls. The Love Jihad hashtag is quickly trending on Twitter. Deepa Gurukal tweeted: “It’s a shame Hindu girls can’t understand that jihadists are of one mind. They are being used first and killed.

For information, let us tell you that Love Jihad is made up of two words. The English word ‘love’ means love, and the Arabic word ‘Jihad’ means putting all of one’s strengths to fulfill a purpose. In this way, those who believe in Islam trap girls of other religions in their love trap and get that girl to convert, so this whole process is called Love Jihad. Previously, in the Shraddha murder case, the topic of love jihad had come up a lot. The Delhi police did not rule out love jihad in this case either. Because the way the whole plot has been done shows that everything was well planned. After viewing Aftab Poonawalla’s Facebook profile, more emphasis is placed on how he used to exploit girls by trapping them in the trap of their innocence.

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