Shikhar Dhawan: A hitter who can be included in any team, how did he get out of the T20 World Cup team? Engineer Farooq surprised! – farokh engineer disappointed by shikhar dhawans exclusion from indias team


  • Farooq engineer says Shikhar Dhawan should have been included in the T20 squad
  • India’s current team is about to win the World Cup
  • The T20 World Cup kicks off on October 17 in the United Arab Emirates and Oman

New Delhi – When the Indian team for the T20 World Cup was announced, many prominent players did not get a chance. The reality is that even the best performances in the IPL haven’t helped some make the national team. Starter Shikhar Dhawan was the most outstanding player on the national team. Former Indian cricketer Farooq Engineer Dhawan has been criticized for not being included in the team.

Farooq described Dhawan as a world-class hitter. Dhawan is a player who can play for any team in the world. Surprisingly, the player was not included in the team. The truth is that despite playing a great game, he did not have the opportunity. The omission of a player like Dhawan shows the incompetence of the Indian selectors. It was a very disappointing decision. He also noted that Dhawan is a proven hitter.

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The former has no qualms about being the best of the team for the T20 World Cup. He said he was happy that Suryakumar Yadav had joined the team. Chahar and Bumra are the best bowlers. There is a balancing team that includes Ravindra Jadeja and Rohit Sharma. “There is no doubt that India is one of the best teams in the world,” he said.

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KL Rahul will replace Shikhar Dhawan as the starter for the Indian team. Farooq praised Rahul. Rahul is an exceptional hitter. One of the best players in the world. Rohit is in good shape. There is no doubt that India is still the best team. He added that the team has the potential to win the T20 World Cup.

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