Should Dravid replace Ravi Shastri as coach? Kapil Dev with a clear opinion

New Delhi: There is strong demand to remove Ravi Shastri from the coaching position and replace him with Rahul Dravid. With the loss of another ICC final with Shastri, the former players also came up with the idea of ​​changing coaches. Legendary Kapil Dev also reacted to the question of whether Dravid should replace Shastri as coach. He said he didn’t feel like he had anything to say about it. Let the Sri Lanka tour of India come to an end. Then you will have an idea of ​​the team’s performance. If the purpose is to mold a new coach, there is nothing wrong with that. But if your work continues to thrive, you won’t have to change. All of this will have to be decided in the future. Before that, Kapil said, there was no need to unduly pressure players or coaches. Also read: Kapil talks about the Indian team running two series at the same time. He noted that India has a large selection of players. Both series are welcome as players have the opportunity. It is up to the team leadership to decide. Kapil says it’s up to the players to decide whether playing two series at the same time puts pressure on them. India is on tour in England and Sri Lanka. The senior team is in England with Ravi Shastri. There is another team in Sri Lanka to train. After the upcoming T20 World Cup, there is a growing consensus that Dravid should replace Ravi Shastri as coach.
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