Sidhu’s 13-point agenda: Assembly elections: Sidhu writes to Sonia Gandhi to present 13 ‘strategies’ – navjot sidhu writes to congress leader sonia gandhi listing 13 important issues


  • Assembly elections are only a few months away.
  • Sidhu to present 13 themes.
  • Sidhu wrote a letter to Sonia Gandhi.

New Delhi: A few months before the Assembly elections, Navjot Singh Sidhu has moved to raise issues for the party’s campaign. Sidhu wrote a letter to the president of Congress, Sonia Gandhi, requesting time to present 13 issues prepared before the elections.

Sidhu has set his electoral agenda as Punjab’s last word for uprising and rectification. According to national media reports, Sidhu’s agenda includes justice in blasphemy cases, drug problems in Punjab, agricultural problems, power and employment opportunities, sand mining and well-being of backward communities.

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After meeting with Rahul Gandhi and Congress Secretary General KC Venugopal in Delhi, Sidhu shared the details of the letter on Twitter. Sidhu had said that he had full faith in Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul and that any decision they made would be for the betterment of Congress and the Punjab and would follow her instructions.

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Meanwhile, a meeting of the Congressional Working Committee at AICC headquarters decided not to elect a new congressional president immediately in the run-up to Assembly elections in states like Bihar. The new Congress president will be elected in 2022. The organizational selection process will begin soon.

Hours earlier, the party’s president, Sonia Gandhi, had said that she was the full-time president of the Congress party. Although the party needs discipline and self-control, he has always been a supporter of the open mind. If someone has something to say, it may be simple. Sonia had told a congressional working committee meeting at AICC headquarters that she did not need to speak to him through the media.

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