SidNazz: The love story that is incomplete even though it is complete …

Some people even though we don’t know much. We may never have met some people, some people may be strange to us, but a strange relationship is formed with them. We love to see them laugh and play. We do not have friendship with them, we mean nothing to them, but when such an incident occurs that should not happen, our hearts also break.

We feel bad for strangers to whom we really mean nothing. We just get attached to them. Seeing them sad, the heart becomes heavy. Sometimes we also cry when we see them cry. Now you must have understood who we are talking about. The name of a single couple is currently being discussed. Siddharth and Shahnaz, who are affectionately called by the name Sidnaaz.

Siddharth and Shahnaz became one forever even after parting ways

After Siddharth’s passing, in addition to his mother and two sisters, Shahnaz is also inconsolable. Hearing the news of Siddharth’s departure from this world, people began to worry about Shahnaz. Fans started posting emotional posts for him on social media. One can guess from the fact of how close they were to each other.

People have always viewed Shahnaz in a flirty way. Laughing and chirping at every moment. Siddharth had said that his heart is like a child, I am not with anyone as much as I am open with him. I like them very much. At the same time, Shahnaz also said that Siddharth is the closest to him, he is my family.

They had never openly accepted the matter of their relationship, maybe they wanted to take some time. Maybe they wanted to establish their own careers. They supported each other and were very happy together. There was something about both that often became trending on Twitter. Everyone has to say that Shahnaz used to believe in his Siddharth a lot, what will happen to him now?

At the same time, fans are sharing a video in memory of Sidnaz, in which Shahnaz is seen saying that this relationship we have will never be broken … my relationship with Siddharth Shukla will always be connected. Fans have said that there will always be more of Sidnaz, no one can separate them, not even death.

People have never seen Shahnaz in this condition before. The way he indignantly called Siddhartha’s name over and over again. They had no conscience. His eyes were puffy and there were tears that didn’t take the name of stopping. He repeatedly tried to wake Siddharth by saying “my son.” Siddharth took his last breath into Shehnaaz’s arms … she kept saying that he died in my arms. What will i do now It is not really easy to decide on the one whose world was Siddhartha.

Sid left, leaving Naaz with only tears. There are some love stories that are incomplete even when they are incomplete. Now whenever the name Siddharth is taken, the name Shahnaz will be remembered. By seeing Shahnaz, one can understand that his soul has gone with Siddharth. A part of Shahnaz went with Siddharth. At the same time, a part of Siddharth has settled in Shahnaz forever. It is very rare for someone’s love story to become immortal.

There should be so much discussion about someone’s love story … everyone loves, but someone’s love is such that the world cries. Only someone’s love can be complete. Who says this couple broke up … even though they are no longer together, but look, the world started to know them both by each other’s name. Shahnaz will miss Siddharth at every turn.

No matter how hard you try, you can never forget it. She will take Siddharth with her. You don’t even want to forget. Your memories will always be with Shahnaz. Seeing Shahnaz breaks my heart. Seeing the condition of Shahnaz, the heart will settle. A bubbly girl is very calm today. Seeing her cry, everyone’s eyes fill with tears. The end of all love doesn’t have to be pleasant, but who knows how difficult it is for those left behind to live with memories. If you think too deeply, then it becomes restless.

Everyone has to leave this world one day or the other, but there is a moment. They had both just started their world, but who would have thought this would happen. What would the two of them have planned together, how many dreams must they have dreamed … We all saw Siddharth in Big Boss. When he was angry, his hands and feet used to shake. He used to move his feet for a long time, the lids of his eyes began to close rapidly.

Some fans said we saw Bigg Boss only because of Siddharth. I saw some of his episodes. He had also watched it just because a Punjabi girl loved him from her heart and that girl was also present on that show. Everyone loved seeing Siddharth on this show, which was a gathering of controversial people, defeated by the glare of the movie world. In this way, little by little a home was made in everyone’s heart. Little by little, Shahnaz and Siddharth settled in the minds of the people.

Siddharth may have said goodbye to the world, but people did not consider Shahnaz any different from him. As long as people remember, with the name of one, they will definitely mention the other. People did not separate the two. In this way this love story became immortal forever.

People saw and adopted the love of Sidnaaz, this in itself is a respect for the love of both. They are both separated but their love will always be there … fans will never be able to forget Sidnaaz. It is the love of Shahnaza and Siddharth that the family has included them in the funeral rituals. Respected the suffering of Shehnaaz … who will now always be known as Siddhartha …

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