Sika virus: Tamil Nadu with tests and instructions for Kerala people


  • Sika virus confirmation in Kerala.
  • Tamil Nadu with check for Kerala.
  • Tamil Nadu to conduct rigorous inspections

Chennai: The Tamil Nadu government is ready to screen travelers from Kerala as the Sika virus has been confirmed in more people in the state. The Tamil Nadu Health Minister said that those in Kerala will be subjected to strict tests.

Medical equipment will be deployed and border controls will be strengthened. The Tamil Nadu Health Department has said that special monitoring will be carried out in the Kanyakumari district. With the confirmation of the Sika virus in 15 people in Kerala, the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu has decided to carry out the test.

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According to the health department, 14 new cases of syphilis have been confirmed in Kerala. This brings the total number of virus cases to 15. The 24-year-old was diagnosed with the disease on Thursday. The disease was confirmed by a native of Parassala. They had given birth the day before. This was followed by confirmation of the Sica virus in more and more people.

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Health Minister Veena George has said that an action plan has been drawn up to strengthen preventive measures in case more Sika viruses are confirmed in the state. Surveillance has been ordered statewide. Hospitals will take strong preventive measures in areas where the disease is likely to be reported.

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