…so BJP is getting a strong leader on the hill in the form of Kangana, the impact will be visible from Himachal to the northeast!

Kangana Ranaut may be a new face in movie politics. Now it is completely clear that politics is one of his priorities. Although when and how it will start, she did not say much. Despite this, the actress has not only openly expressed her political ambitions but she has also presented her roadmap and vision as her leader. Responding to Rahul Kanwal’s questions on our partner channel’s ‘Panchayat Aaj Tak Himachal Pradesh’ program, she said that if she gets a chance to contribute something for social service and politics, she will never back down. In the conversation, she also highlighted the pain of being a hill and the sociopolitical change of the last eight years in the context of the hills.

This is a clear indication that Kangana is gearing up for a new role as a pan-Indian hill leader. With sincere praise for BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, one can understand which party Kangana is ready to play a political role for. Kangana said: “After 2014, there has been an awareness in the country. Now Himachal feels that it is also a permanent part of the country. As soon as the people from the hill come out or the way people have an attitude or perception about them, Somewhere I myself have felt that there is a lack of respect (in him) People who come from the mountains are not seen from that point of view (as people who come from other states are seen) Social media has changed. Film rumors swirled about me in the industry that these mountain people do black magic. They don’t eat cooked food. Meat is eaten raw.”

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Kangana Ranaut in Panchayat Aaj Tak Himachal Pradesh.

So Kangana Ranaut is ready to enter politics for BJP and Modi

He said- “Somewhere, there was a lack of information (about the hills and the people of the mountains), there was a lack of connection with the country and this does not happen only with us. But my friends from the northeast who live together in the shelter also faced similar things. Someone used to make fun of them by calling them Chinese, they made fun of the appearance and color. At some earlier point in time, the thread that binds the entire country into a single thread was missing. Nayi Chetna (post 2014) Things have changed rapidly since I Evolved Digitally, about the mountains and the people here. But still not as much as in the rest of the states.” Kangana Ranaut gives full credit to the Narendra Modi era in politics. He said: Modi ji has connected ordinary people and given identity to Indianness. Today everyone is proud of their identity.

Rahul Kanwal called Kangana’s statement a sign of entering politics and asked questions about his political views. Calling on not to jump to conclusions, the actress herself said, “If there is an opportunity in the future that I can contribute to the country, I will definitely do it through politics or society. Whatever the situation and the government (or even the BJP) I am ready for any kind of participation (social/political) in any way you want. On the question about the BJP’s campaign in the Himachal elections, she said: If people understand by the service, then it will be a matter of good fortune for me. She also expressed her desire to participate in the Lok Sabha elections. However, she clarified that she has professional commitments on the work front and is currently busy and happy with it.

After Kangana’s political favoritism and this statement, it must be accepted that she is now openly ready for political participation. She will not be surprised if she is seen campaigning for the BJP in the Himachal assembly elections. By the way, the actress is from a political family. Her grandfather was twice a Congressional MLA. Her father also remained in Congress. The actress said that her family is political. However, in 2014, the family turned politically. She meant that the BJP is over and her father chants the name of Modi-Yogi in the morning and at night. It is clear from her statement of her entering politics and repeatedly positing the Pahari identity that Kangana is ready to take on a political role as a Pahari leader. And not only Himachal, but also other mountainous states remain in focus. Anyway, in many hill states of Himachal, Uttarakhand and the North East, there are BJP governments.

Kangana also shared his political views on Himachal.

Revealing his vision of Himachal, Kangana said: “As a Himachal, I have my own views. What does Himachal have that can give more to the world? It definitely has oxygen content, which is much more than the rest of the states. Content of oxygen in other countries of the world have developed their economies a lot. Himachal’s plan is different from other states in India and should be different. Himachal has its own speciality: nature and its beauty. Make it such a place Da which is known throughout the world because of its oxygen content. We should use that.”

She said: “I grew up here, but I didn’t know anything about snow skiing before. We can also use it as a sport. I learned to ski in Germany. It is the most expensive sport in the world. Lakhs of crores of rupees have to be spent on learning. We should focus on those things (for development). There are spots in France and Germany where people from all over the world go skiing.” Praising the recently opened Green AIIMS, Kangana said that we should pay attention to the type of development in Himachal that is in accordance with nature here.

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