Some questions, some requests on the pretext of Aamir Khan-Kiran Rao’s divorce …

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao have been divorced or divorced or divorced by mutual consent. This has been the most titled news in recent days. The answers are coming. Positive / negative thoughts are expressed. Although it is not so easy for the third person to understand any event that happens between two mature people, speculation is continually being made. is being analyzed. And in all this analysis, one fact seems to be expressed very clearly: in this break, Aamir Khan has taken advantage of the indomitable rights granted to men by patriarchal society. Kiran has almost compulsively consented to this decision.

I read somewhere that Kiran was sad when the divorce was announced, she felt uncomfortable. There was emptiness in his eyes. Confusion settled over them. I read somewhere that Aamir Khan must have forced Kiran to break up because he was capable.

After the news that Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao are getting divorced, the society gets a chance to speak again in a chatty way.

The affluent Aamir Khan will soon announce the third marriage and Kiran Rao will be left alone and incomplete.

Are you serious?

No, I’m not saying anything about Aamir Khan’s debauchery. All I want to know is, aren’t you underestimating Kiran Rao, aren’t you sad because that’s what you want to see? Is Kiran so weak that she becomes depressed when her relationship with a lustful husband ends?

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Even in 15 years before and after her marriage to a superstar like Aamir Khan, the strong woman who never let the shadow of her husband’s stardom dominate her would be so weak, how did you know?

Isn’t this also the same patriarchal thinking according to which women are always considered “abandoned” after divorce, men are never “abandoned”? Who prevents you from believing that this decision could also be Kiran Rao’s? Isn’t this the same patriarchal thinking that always believes that a woman can separate but will not leave the marriage of her own free will because saving the home is or should be a priority for her?

Because you do not agree?

You must believe that even a woman can divorce or give a divorce of her own free will and still be happy after that. There is no greater release than leaving a relationship in which love and need for each other are gone. Whether Aamir will marry in third or third place, it won’t make any difference to Kiran Rao.

Don’t forget that Kiran Rao is still ‘Kiran Rao’ even after marrying Aamir Khan, not ‘Kiran Khan’. His personality is completely different. Strong and bold. Wearing thick glasses and not very pretty, Kiran Rao, brimming with confidence, never needed Aamir Khan to make his mark. She was, is and will be an independent personality and if you don’t want to believe that, believe me.

You are also part of the conditioning of the same patriarchal society, which treats women separated from men with compassion.

Women are frightened by this kindness. You start to reconsider your own decision. Start doubting. This kindness of yours destroys his personality. It becomes inevitable for them to be sad and look sad at all times.

You can find this my one-sided point of view. Yes, I don’t know Kiran Rao. I don’t even know the inner side of this problem, but I know myself and … Being a woman, being a free and strong woman, I know that after my similar decision, people have also felt sorry for me. .

Some still see it today. He firmly believes that I am not happy. It can’t be because I’m not under the shadow of any man. So under the pretext of Kiran Rao, I feel very comfortable once again saying in my mind that for me, I had made my decision myself. I was not abandoned, I was gone.

I had chosen freedom for myself. Despite not having the same status as Kiran Rao, I had chosen an uncertain future for myself with the same determination and this is one of my decisions that I am still proud of.

Just don’t underestimate the request on this pretext, to Kiran Rao or any other, third, or fourth woman who has the courage to come out of a lost relationship by becoming free and happy, not being a victim. For which divorce is not a problem but a declaration of the absence of suffering.

Let an environment be created in which a woman can celebrate her freedom without worrying about her opinion. Without fear, he is really happy, he realizes.

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