Some were seen shedding tears at Alia-Ranbir’s wedding, while others made them happy by boycotting!

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor got married (Ranbir Kapoor Alia Bhatt Wedding). Fans are now eager to see the first glimpse of her. Photographers have only been able to take fleeting images of some of the guests who attended the wedding, even with their lives in the palm of their hands. Karisma Kapoor’s foot mehndi and Kareena Kapoor’s royal look are being discussed. You must have seen Rishi Kapoor’s name on Neetu Kapoor’s henna hands. In general, today has become a rosy day.

At the same time, people are divided into two factions regarding this marriage. Those who are fans of Alia Ranbir are very happy about this marriage, but those who boycott Bollywood are also boycotting this marriage. Now this is real life, not a movie that won’t work if someone objects.

At the same time, people who are in love with Alia and Ranbir are tormented differently. Those who are in love with Alia say that she will now belong to someone else. At the same time, the girls who are in love with Ranbir are crying. We do not say it from our mind, but we say the tweet that is going viral on social networks. At the same time, fans are getting very excited about their marriage. Well, for them it would be said that they listen to two or four sad songs, cry a lot and then drink ginger tea. After this, congratulate your brother-in-law and sister-in-law wholeheartedly.

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What will Qazi do when Ranbir – Alia agree?

Well now Ranbir and Alia have become Raliya together. Their names are now associated with each other. Now those who want to burn as much as they want to keep burning, what about them? Which means it’s understandable to write Bollywood Boycott, but what can bother about Alia’s marriage. Aside from being an actress, Alia also has her own life. People should be happy for them, but no, they show their bitterness on social media. Granted, trolling the actress is your habit, but at least on her special happy days, forgive her. If you can’t pray for her marriage, then at least don’t give a badua.

Those who boycott the wedding of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor can keep their cell phones, the TV off, because the photos of the wedding can come out at 7, without seeing them happy burning their blood. Believe me, we say this for your own good.

Let’s see what are the reactions of people on social media about Ranbir Alia’s marriage.

A user has written that for the last four and a half years this day was expected. It seems that you are not dreaming somewhere. I hope all goes well for the family, no one seems to have lost sight of it.

There are some fans who regret that Alia is marrying someone else. They feel sad about the same thing.

The world of lovers of Alia’s marriage is deserted…

Team Groom says that we are looking forward to the moment when they will both see each other in front of the newlywed couple for the first time…

People also say that people can’t do as much private marriage at destination wedding as Alia-Ranbir got married at home.

Girls who were in love with Ranbir, life was ruined…

Those who boycott Alia say that Ranbir is doing Brahmastra for the best promotion of this marriage.

One user tagged all the news websites and wrote that I am not interested in these two getting married or whatever.

Well, now when the bride and groom agree, what will the Qazi do? Anyway, now they are both husband and wife. That is why people who are not digesting this marriage can remain silent. You can’t stop someone from doing something good, what’s the use of blowing your heart out unnecessarily, why? Be happy sometime man…

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