Soundarya Sharma Exclusive: ‘No One Can Hurt You Unless You Want To’

The story of the bloody feud between mafia don Mukhtar Ansari and Brijesh Singh of Purvanchal of Uttar Pradesh is still on everyone’s lips. The second season of the web series ‘Raktanchal’ based on this story is broadcast on the OTT platform MX Player. After watching this web series, the ‘blood character’ of politics can be understood very well. Actors like Nikitin Dheer, Kranti Prakash Jha, Soundarya Sharma, Ashish Vidyarthi, Dayashankar Pandey, Chittaranjan Tripathi and Ronjini Chakraborty have major roles in the web series ‘Raktanchal’ directed by Ritam Srivastava. In this, actress Soundarya Sharma remains in the discussion due to her strong performance. During a conversation with, she has freely spoken about topics such as nepotism and casting couch in Bollywood, while highlighting the web series.

Question 1. You have studied medicine, but how did you suddenly turn to acting?

Soundarya Sharma: Look, I’ve always had an acting bent. My friends used to call me Stylo in college. Once the Miss India pendant article appeared in the newspaper. My friends told me that if you participate in this, it will be yours. After that I participated in it. I made it to the final. But my father did not want me to leave medicine and go into entertainment or fashion. He didn’t take it seriously. But my mind disagreed. So I started training from the National School of Drama along with my internship. During this time I felt that I was made for this. I convinced my parents and moved directly from Delhi to Mumbai.

Question 2. There has always been an accusation of nepotism in Bollywood, have you ever felt like an outsider?

Soundarya Sharma: There is no doubt that the roots of nepotism in the industry run very deep. But you also have to see that where is there no nepotism? It is everywhere. If my father is a doctor, he would also like me to be a doctor. If there is a leader, he also wants his son to take over his political legacy. I am out of the film industry. I didn’t even know where and how the auditions are held. I already knew that 99 percent of the people were going to reject me because there was no one to call me. I had no godfather. There was no Sugar Daddy. But in this crowd, I also know that I just need to find a suitable platform. After that, no one will be able to stop you from moving forward. There is no coincidence between hard work and honesty. There is no short cut to success.


Question 3. There has been another complaint in the film industry, of casting couch, have you or any of your colleagues mentioned any incident of this type?

Soundarya Sharma: It is true that the casting couch happens even today, but I have not come across any such incident so far. Well, there doesn’t have to be only one casting couch in the industry. There are also very nice people here. I have met many good people who have helped me from time to time. Yes, people appreciate you when you are very beautiful, you have to take it positively. It is true that as long as you don’t want to, no one can hurt you. I can’t rape. If you don’t want to, no one can shake your hand, throwing sofa is far away.

Question 4. How did you get the opportunity to work on the Raktanchal web series?

Soundarya Sharma: Shashank Rai ji, the creator of this web series, saw my work on the movie ‘Ranchi Diary’. Since Raktanchal is a story from Purvanchal, he felt that I would be more suitable for the role of Roli. However, according to Roli’s character, I am a girl of a completely opposite nature. I am a modern girl living in Delhi, but I had to play a simple girl. When my audition happened, Shashank ji said that you can do this role very well. He put his trust in me and I became faithful to him.

Question 5. Where was the shooting of this web series, how was the experience of working there?

Soundarya Sharma: Raktanchal has been shot at in 108 locations in and around Varanasi. We also used to film on an island near Mirzapur. We stayed there for about three months and the shooting continued. During this we travel a lot. See all the Ghats of Benaras. visited temples. We all have a lot of fun at work.


Question 6. Will the third season of the web series also come, if so, when will the shooting start?

Soundarya Sharma: Look, only our creators will be able to give the correct answer to this question. But all I can say is that the third season has to come after the point where the story ended. I have read the entire script for the web series. According to him, my role will increase more in the next season. I hope that the shooting of the third season will start soon. If they keep getting love from all of you, then it will definitely happen.

Question 7. What do you think about OTT platforms being nothing short of a boon for newcomers?

Soundarya Sharma: You are absolutely right, because previous artists used to have limited opportunities. He had to fight for many years. But now, with the arrival of OTT, new artists have the opportunity to work quickly and show off their talent. Not just acting, people get opportunities in many opportunities like screenwriting and directing as well. OTT is really nothing short of a boon for newcomers like us.

Question 8. What are your future plans, are there any upcoming projects?

Soundarya Sharma: My three web series are coming soon. There are also some music videos coming. I’m reading a lot of scripts. What will be the end between them, I will work on it. There is also a big surprise coming, which I will share with my fans when the time comes.

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