Sourav Ganguly: Dhoni or Ganguly? Sehwag named India’s all-time great captain – virender sehwag chooses sourav ganguly as better captain than ms dhoni


  • Sehwag says Sourav Ganguly is a better captain than Dhoni
  • Muntaram for missing a single at 199 against Sri Lanka
  • Sehwag’s favorite terrain in India is Mohali and abroad is Melbourne

New Delhi: There is a lot of controversy as to whether MS Dhoni or Sourav Ganguly is India’s all-time great captain. Both have long been captains of the national team and have had numerous victories. Now Virender Sehwag, who has played under the duo, is open about his opinion on who is the better captain.

Sehwag said they have both had great success as captains. When asked which of the two is better, the answer is Ganguly. Because Ganguly is the captain who built a team from scratch. The team was rebuilt to include new players. Ganguly taught me how to win the game abroad. Dhoni got the same team that Ganguly built. So Dhoni is lucky. Sehwag says that Ganguly is the better captain of the two.

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Sehwag is one of the pioneering batsmen in world cricket. Sehwag, who surprised fans by hitting sixes and a double century in six overs, wasn’t ready for that even though he had a chance to score a single at 199 once. Sehwag also spoke openly about this in an interview.

Sehwag said the incident occurred during the 2008 series in Sri Lanka. The bowler was Muttiah Muralitharan. Ishant Sharma on the non-front side. He had the opportunity to take a single at the beginning of the change. However, Ishant was certain that he could not outlive Muthiah if he delivered the blow. That is why he was not prepared for it. Sehwag explained that even though the fielders were playing around him, he had a chance to single on the last ball and scored a double century.

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His favorite is the soil in Mohali. I always loved playing there. Every time he lands on Mohali, he feels confident that he can score well. There are also nice sofas in the dressing room. So if you leave early, you can come back and relax on the couch. Outside of India, Melbourne is the favorite terrain. I love your food. Sehwag said he feels like he can score runs in Melbourne too.

Ganguly became the captain of India at a time when the Indian team was facing a major crisis due to a bribery scandal. Ganguly made India a team that would be with them during Australia’s golden age. The support of coach John Wright was also crucial. India’s greatest achievement with Ganguly was in 2003 when they reached the World Cup final. MS Dhoni led India to victory in the T20 World Cup in 2007 and the ODI World Cup in 2011. Ganguly and Dhoni were similar in their support of the youth.

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