Sri Lankan Army fires; Tamil Nadu fisherman injured

Stand out:

  • He was shot after being stoned
  • The fisherman suffered head injuries.
  • The incident took place on Monday morning.

Chennai: Sri Lankan troops opened fire on Tamil Nadu fishermen. Sri Lankan troops opened fire on the Nagapattinam fishermen. The incident took place off the coast of Kodekkara.

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Troops opened fire on a group of fishermen fishing near international shipping lanes Monday morning. Kalaiselvam, a native of Nagapattinam, was injured.

Kalaishelvam suffered a head injury. The boat was carrying a group of ten. Fishermen say the Sri Lankan army first threw stones and then fired.

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Eyewitnesses said that one of the bullets hit the boat and hit the fisherman on the head. Fishermen said Kalaishelvan survived because the bullet hit the boat for the first time.

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