SRK’s appearance in Jawan is copied from here, how long will Bollywood last with the help of copying?

They are Salman, Shahrukh and Aamir Khan, right now even superstar movies like Akshay Kumar and Kangana Ranaut are failing. Even in those times, Bollywood does not take the name of understanding or improving. I don’t know if this is being done intentionally or not at all. Otherwise, Shahrukh Khan is not seen, who will return after five years, copying the look of him from any Hollywood movie in his new movie ‘Jawan’. Everyone knows that the demand for this fresh content is high. The audience has become smarter than before.

We all live in the digital age. In such a situation, filmmakers should stop considering themselves smart. They must know that at this moment any information can be obtained from anywhere with a single touch in minutes. As it happened with the film ‘Jawaan’ by Shahrukh Khan. The teaser and poster for this movie was released with great enthusiasm. In the teaser, Shahrukh Khan is seen in the role of a mysterious Jawan, whose face is covered in bandages. There is only one open, which is red with blood. With a gun in hand, his character looks handsome at first glance, but as soon as the full look of him is seen, stealing from him is detected.

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Will Shahrukh Khan be able to return with ‘Nakal’?

Actually, this look of Shahrukh Khan’s character in the movie ‘Jawan’ has been copied from the Hollywood superhero movie ‘Darkman’ released in 1990. In it, actor Liam Neeson’s character’s face is damaged by an explosive. After this, he develops an artificial skin, so many bands are seen on his face as well. After this incident, filled with a sense of revenge, he becomes ‘Darkman’. The movie ‘Darkman’ was released in the year 1990. After this, its second part ‘Darkman 2’ was released in the year 1995 and the third part was released in the year 1996. All three parts were seen a lot all over the world . In India it had also been seen by fans of Hollywood movies.

In such a situation, after seeing Shahrukh Khan’s look, people realized that it has been copied from a Hollywood movie. Now the question arises here as to how long these alleged Bollywood superstars will continue to execute their work based on remakes and copies. Especially the shop of the three Khan is in charge of the new version. Sometimes it copies from Hollywood, sometimes from the cinema of the South. Take, for example, Aamir Khan’s upcoming film ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’, which is a Hindi remake of the Hollywood film ‘Forrest Gump’. Released in the year 1994, the film was directed by Robert Zemeckis. Similarly, Salman Khan’s film ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted’, released in a hybrid model, is a Hindi remake of the Korean film ‘Outlaws’.

I don’t understand when Bollywood people will accept that the mood and taste of the audience to watch the movie has completely changed now. Now, success cannot be achieved by making films according to the established formula. Nor can remakes and biopics achieve the same box office success as before. Southern filmmakers have gotten smart. They have understood that the release of Pan India movies increases the range of earnings. That is why now most of the movies are made and released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada languages ​​while Bollywood is still trying to find a formula to earn without working hard. Maybe I haven’t woken up yet.

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