SS Rajamouli’s ‘Dadagiri’ to premiere RRR on the same date the movies were already scheduled

SS Rajamouli’s RRR movie is a great story about fighting for freedom against the British that the whole country is waiting for. Rajamouli’s next film is RRR after the two parts of the fictional period drama Bahubali. Because of this, people are also looking forward to period dramas. The way in which Prabhas leading man Bahubali gained box office success across the country has become a milestone as of today’s date. The film also generated unparalleled entertainment outside the country. RRR’s Baahubali-like magic is expected in the film business circle with the audience.

RRR is a pan Indian movie like Bahubali. The filmmakers have made a lot of preparations for the release of the film in the Hindi region. Exhibitors have a lot of faith in Rajamouli’s project. Rajamouli himself also seems confident. He is so confident in his content that he doesn’t seem to care about other movies at the box office. If we look at the release dates of RRR, it is clearly visible. Rajamouli is determined to release the film on his favorite date. They don’t care if the movies are already scheduled for the same date or weekend and by doing so someone in the film industry will definitely have to suffer.

Rajamouli, Jr NTR and Ramcharan.

RRR has missed a lot of release times, still intimidating

Although there is no such written rule regarding the release, but so far the movie world has largely avoided this kind of commercial “bullying” in their mutual understanding. However, Bollywood stars Khan were once spotted doing the exact same hooliganism for their desired box office window. Rajamouli’s project was announced in the year 2018. The plan was that the film would be released in July 2020 after the stipulated time was up. But suddenly the shadow of Corona caught not only RRR but also many projects of Indian cinema. In 2020, the release became impossible under the influence of the first wave. In the year 2021 too, the second wave almost ruined the nine months of the year.

By the way, after the weakening of the second wave, the discussion about the release of films began. It started when the theaters started to open as before. The possibility was raised for Rajamouli’s period action drama to perform in Dussehra. Whose indications were also given from some of his promotional activities. Perhaps because of these discussions, other producers refused to release their films on the big Dussehra weekend. However, the Mumbai circuit, the largest Hindi business area, was also closed at this time. But no information about the release of RRR arrived, after missing two dates, the official announcement was made to release RRR on January 7, 2021. While Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Gangubai Kathiawadi movie was also scheduled for the same date. Alia Bhatt is a part of both movies. It is believed that this will be the biggest and most interesting clash of the year when the movie of the same star faces off.

Rajamouli did it by force and Bhansali had to withdraw

Promotion for the film began after RRR’s release dates arrived. Later, Bhansali backed down on his project and set a second date of February 18 for his film. Although movie theaters in most of the country were operating according to the Covid protocol, the producers themselves postponed the release of the films. RRR is also included in this. The entire month of January was affected by the epidemic. After the possibility of weakening the third wave of the epidemic in the coming weeks, activity has resumed in terms of film premieres. The creators of RRR have officially announced two dates along with the condition.


If things go well with Corona, the film will be released on Holi weekend only on March 18; otherwise, it will be shown in theaters on April 28. The curious thing is that there is already a cinema program on both dates. According to the Bollywood Hungama release schedule, Akshay Kumar’s Bachchan Pandey and Ranbir Singh Shamshera are already scheduled for March 19. By the way, it is also said in Koi Moi’s Rak report that after the arrival of RRR, an OTT platform has offered a large amount for the direct OTT release of Akshay Kumar’s film. While Ajay Devgn Amitabh Bachchan’s track 34 and Tiger Shroff’s Heropanti 2 are scheduled just a day after RRR’s proposed April date. It is true that many films are pending release and each producer looks for a better window. But if a producer, who has twice missed better release dates, insists on releasing his film before the already fixed dates, then this business looks like hooliganism.

The harmful trend will start with corporate vandalism

It may be that the content of Rajamouli is very good and it can also do a good business at the box office. But this is his personal advantage and also a violation of that unstated rule of the movie world where most producers try to avoid a big showdown. There are two movies here and they are both large in scale. Even Ajay Devgn is in RRR and also Runway 34. Attempts to release RRR on predetermined dates for other movies is a clear indication that Rajamouli relies too much on his content and acts arbitrarily. They also seek personal gain. Like Bhansali, other producers may not clash with RRR and move on to another date. But this trend is not right, which will increase the rivalry in the world of cinema.

Stars like Ramcharan, Jr NTR, Ajay Devgan and Alia Bhatt will be seen in major roles in RRR.

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