Stan had nothing to ask Swami; The attorney said the NIA had not questioned him since his arrest.


  • He was not questioned after the arrest.
  • Not purchased in custody
  • And he even refused to question

BENGALURU: A lawyer has said that Fa Stan Swamy, who was arrested by the UAPA for having ties to the Maoists in the wake of the Bhima Koregaon incident, has not been questioned even one day after his arrest. The lawyer clarified that the NIA had not questioned him since October 2020, the day he was arrested, until the day he died.

If there was anything to learn from Stan Swamy, he could have been detained and questioned. But his attorney, attorney Mihir Desai, said that he was not detained by the NIA and that the NIA did not have a single question to ask him. The answer was to the news report.

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Stan Swamy was questioned prior to his arrest. However, he was later placed in preventive custody, the lawyer said. The lawyer said they even rejected the demand for a straw to drink the water and tried to make it clear that Stan Swamy was the mastermind behind the violence.

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Stan Swamy was admitted to the hospital on May 28 after court intervention while in jail. He was allowed to stay in the hospital until July 6. Meanwhile, death occurred.

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He could not even identify his relatives when he was transferred to the hospital. Stan Swamy had told the court that he would die in jail if bail was not granted.

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