Such a rush from Garud Movie, it’s Akshay Kumar even in the ‘rescue operation’ of the Afghan crisis!

After the United States left Afghanistan, the Taliban seized power there so quickly that many countries had to carry out rescue operations in a hurry. Operation so that its citizens, Afghan refugees can be evacuated safely. During this time there were terrorist attacks at the Kabul airport, many people also died. Some images were so terrifying that they were discussed around the world. The Government of India also carried out “Operation Devi Shakti” extensively. The government managed to evacuate many civilians safely.

How could Bollywood drop this issue? Now a Bollywood film is being made about the history of the Indian operation in Afghanistan. The title of the film is Garuda. The movie has been announced in a hurry. It is clearly visible. In reality, there was such a rush to make a movie about the Afghan bailout crisis that neither the director’s name nor the starcast was final. Just giving credit to the composer and writer of the story, the title and theme of the film has been announced. The movie’s release date is up front as well. It is scheduled to launch on August 15 next year. The poster has been released. Ajay Kapoor and Subhash Kale are producing Garuda together. Music Ravi Basrur Screenplay is written by Nidhi Singh Dharma.

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Why so hasty?

In fact, the Afghan crisis has escalated after the Taliban came to power. The condition looks worse than 20 years ago. Since the alliance between the Taliban and Pakistan is clearly visible, India has its own concerns regarding Afghanistan. It is obvious that India’s position in Afghanistan will always remain fiery. Conditions there will remain the same for Bollywood. Many producers will explore the possibility of making a film about the Afghan crisis. It is clear from Garuda that manufacturers do not want to give others a chance on this issue.

Now it is not known which actor will be chosen for Garuda, but many stars will definitely be interested in making a film on this topic. By the way, Akshay Kumar may be the best choice in Bollywood for such roles. He has also shown flamboyance in these types of movies in the past. One of his films on the Yemen crisis is also in preparation. It remains to be seen if the producers get close to Akshay for the film. Garuda’s theme is also about the actor’s taste and mood. Akshay may also be an option because one of Garuda’s producers is the male lead in Subhash Kale’s film “Operation Yemen” Kumar. Operation Yemen is also actually a rescue story.

Yemen bailout controversy even before the movie

Even before the film about the Yemen crisis was made, there was a dispute between the two producers. In fact, a movie “Captain India” about Karthik Aryan was announced. It is being directed by Hansal Mehta. Shortly after the announcement, Subhash Kale, the producer of Operation Yemen, made accusations of plagiarism. He stated that Captain India was announced after much work on his part on the issue.

Why Garuda can be interesting

Operation Devi Shakti was carried out by the brave officers of the Indian Air Force. There was news that PM Narendra Modi himself was observing the operation. He also gave the name. Gissar Military Airfield, India’s overseas military airbase, was used for the operation. This is the country’s first overseas military base, which is located in Tajikistan, near Afghanistan. For the first time after the Afghan crisis, people learned about the military base. The casting of the film, the name of the director is yet to be decided. But one thing is clear: the film about the Afghan crisis has raised people’s interest.

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