Sunanda Pushkar case: Shashi Tharoor acquitted in Sunanda Pushkar case – Delhi court exempts Shashi Tharoor in connection with Sunanda Pushkar death case

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  • Shashi Tharoor acquitted
  • All charges against Tharoor dropped
  • Tharoor says the hunt is over

New Delhi: Shashi Tharoor has been acquitted in a case related to the death of Sunanda Pushkar. Tharoor was acquitted for lack of evidence against him. The verdict was rendered by the Delhi Rose Avenue Court. The verdict was delivered by Judge Gitanjali Goel.

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Sunanda Pushkar died on January 17, 2014. In connection with the case, the police had demanded that Shashi Tharoor be charged with incitement to suicide and domestic violence. Sunanda Pushkar was found dead in a private hotel in Delhi.

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Shashi Tharoor thanked the court after the verdict. He said the seven-year hunt was over.

The death of the congressional leader and wife of MP Shashi Tharoor has also sparked a political debate. Political opponents have been discussing the need for the police to impeach Tharoor. The case was investigated by a special team of the Delhi police.

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