Sunny Deol appeared in front of Aamir films at the box office 3 times in 11 years, the result was interesting.

On this day in 2001, Aamir Khan’s Lagaan and Sunny Deol’s Ghadar were released. With this pretext, today we talk about the box office clash of both films. By the way, Aamir and Sunny Deol had met twice before at the box office. That is, in 11 years, the films of two great stars were seen face to face three times. But the canvas of Lagaan and Ghadar Ek Prem Katha, which came out 20 years ago, was much larger than previous films. At that time a lot of money was spent on the production of both films compared to the overall budget. The producers of both films were upset by the confrontation. Many stories were also made up about the confrontation between Aamir-Sunny.

But Aamir believes that if two movies come together and are well done, then there is nothing to worry about. As Lagaan turned 20, the actor told reporters that he had met Ghadar’s producer and already knew the story of the film. I knew Ghadar was a great movie. According to Aamir, for this reason he was concerned about Lagaan, who had also mentioned Ashutosh Gowariker to him.

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He said, “At that time there was a Ghadar tsunami. People were going to see the movie in full trucks. Although people also gave Lagaan love, Ghadar was four times or at least three times bigger than Lagaan.” Aamir said, “If Lagaan hadn’t been done right, then he wouldn’t have been anywhere in front of Ghadar. Lagaan didn’t do big business, but he won the love of the people.”

Aamir’s movie reportedly made a business of around Rs 70 million at the time. While Ghadar director Anil Sharma claimed that his film had earned more than 200 million rupees at that time. Aamir admitted in the conversation that two movies can open on the same day and if they are done well, they also do very well at the box office.

When was the first meeting between Aamir and Sunny?

For the first time, there was a confrontation between Aamir and Sunny Deol at the box office in 1990. On June 22, Aamir Khan Madhuri-Dixit starred in the romantic musical drama Dil and the action drama Ghayal by Sunny Deol-Meenakshi Shishadri. Both were great movies of the year. But despite the confrontation, audiences were forced to watch the film on a grand scale. Both films became hits. Dil’s budget, made under the direction of Indra Kumar, is said to be around two million rupees. The film made a business of around Rs 20 million at the box office. Ghayal, directed by Rajkumar Santoshi, also earned 17 million rupees.


The second meeting of Aamir and Sunny took place on November 15, 1996. On this day, Aamir Khan-Karisma Kapoor’s protagonist, Raja Hindustani, directed by Dharmesh Darshan and Sunny Meenakshi Shishadri, starring Ghatak, came under the direction scored by Rajkumar Santoshi. When Aamir was once again in the romantic musical family drama, Sunny had an action avatar. Both films were liked by the public as a whole. According to Box Office India, Raja Hindustani had earned more than Rs 43 million. The film was a box office success. While Ghatak also became a superhit by earning more than 15 million rupees.

It was fortunate that the constructors did not suffer in the clash between the two stars. In contrast, those who invested in movies only made a profit.

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