Supreme Court appoints three-member expert committee to investigate pegasus issue


  • Expert investigation into the Pegaso controversy
  • The Supreme Court criticizes the central government
  • Sovereigns can do nothing in the name of national security

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has announced an investigative panel on the Pegasus controversy. The three-member panel’s investigation will be overseen by the Supreme Court. The committee will consider seven issues. A three-member panel headed by a retired Supreme Court justice has been appointed to investigate the matter. The committee is chaired by Judge RV Raveendran.

The court ordered the committee to investigate the allegations and submit a report within the next eight weeks. After this, the court will reconsider the case. In addition to former Supreme Court Justice RV Raveendran, the committee also includes Alok Joshi and Sandeep Oberoi.

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The high court has also appointed a three-member panel to support the panel. Naveen Kumar Chaudhary, Professor, National Forensic University, Prof. D Prabhakaran, Amrita University; For this, a team made up of Ashwin Anil Gumaste has been appointed.

The Supreme Court ruled in the Pegasus case that the court was trying to uphold constitutional principles and did not want to interfere in the political controversy. Some of the plaintiffs in this case are direct victims of Pegasus. Privacy must be maintained despite the growth of information technology. Privacy is essential not only for the media but for all people. The court asked the government to seriously consider using such technology.

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Restrictions on the violation of fundamental rights must be subject to constitutional scrutiny. Despite repeated requests, the Center told the court very little. The expert panel was appointed to investigate the matter and said the government could do nothing in the name of national security.

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Pegasus, a spyware, has been accused of leaking the secrets of hundreds of celebrities, including political leaders and journalists.

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