Surekha Sikri: As an Indian mother, she knew how to live all religions, cultures, languages ​​and customs!

An elderly actress went to play the character from heaven. The acting world will likely yearn for a tremendous actor like Surekha Sikri, a film, television and stage actress. He began his acting journey in the seventies and continued to leave his acting mark until the seventies. She was physically weak and involved in health problems after a stroke last year. The day before he had a heart attack and said goodbye to the world and left his fans inconsolable. At the age of 72, he devoted fifty years to acting in his life. From the theater to the world of film and television, the magic of her performance rose.

This elderly actress had no connection in the elderly characters. She was like Hindustan, she was like Mother India, at whose zenith of performance the stars of different cultures, regional languages, popular styles shone. There was the beauty of experiencing all cultures in the skill of his acting. The different characters played by Sulekha reflect the colors of each religion, each province and different regional cultures, Anda-o-Ada.

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Surekha Sikri was one of the few actors who gave a new definition to acting.

It was originally from UP, but all of India was settled within it. In the character of the Muslim woman in Shyam Benegal’s film Zubaida, a collage of the Muslim character’s language style, the style-or-actions began to spill over into Surekha. So in the famous TV series Balika Vadhu, she used to live as a Rajasthani old woman in such a way that no one could say she did not belong to Rajasthan.

Similarly, Gujarati, Maharashtra, rich-poor, rural-urban … used to touch the soul of each character. He also worked in Malayalam films along with Hindi. The actress, who won the National Award three times, took acting lessons from NSD in 1971. The story of her film acting began in the movie ‘Qissa Kursi Ka’.

His performance in films such as Sarfarosh, Naseem and Zubeida made a mark. He received national awards for his outstanding performances in the films Mammo, Badhaai Ho, and Tamas. It is not easy for the new generation to come even close to this line of acting heights, which was drawn by the acting magician Surekha.

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