Sussane has given information about her subsequent journey after Hrithik Roshan’s divorce!

‘Marriages are made in heavenWe, as a society, have been hearing this concept for a long time. And this is completely yours. Even today, however modern Hindustani may be, marriage is a relationship from birth to birth. If there is a rupture between husband and wife, then it is the effort of the whole society that there must be a compromise and the matter does not even reach the separation. In other words, there is no room for “not manufactured” in our society. Here the effort is made that when the marriage has taken place, then the argument is also made that where there are two utensils there will be a voice. So does this rule recorded in the social rule book apply everywhere? The answers may be different, but when we turn to the world of cinema or say Bollywood, the answer is no. It is not new in Bollywood not to be with anyone and go to someone else to make a new one. Now that this has been going on for many years in Mayanagari, it should come as no surprise to see Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Sussanne Khan and Arslan Goni. In fact, for a long time, there was a rumor in Mayanagari that Sussanne and Arslan were in love and dating.

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After divorcing Hrithik, Sussanne immediately became involved in the relationship and chose Arslan Goni as her boyfriend.

Putting all those rumors above, Suzanne has given an official confirmation regarding her relationship with Arslan on Instagram. Now whoever wants to speak is free to speak, but from the way Suzanne has openly expressed her love for Arslan, it is clear that Suzanne has shaped her future in love life.

Let’s say that to show the fans in her life, Suzanne chose the day that Arslan’s birthday is. On the birthday, Suzanne shared her cute photo with fans with Arslan Le. If you look at the picture, you find that both Arslan and Suzanne are hugging.

If this Suzanne post dedicated to Arslan is mentioned, then Suzanne has written that Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday. I wish you a world where everything is the best you deserve. May there be much happiness and true love around you. You are the most beautiful energy I have ever known. Brighter shine without limits.

At the same time, this post from Suzanne has also been shared by Arslan on his Insta story and has told fans that the fire is not only on one side but on both sides and is equally engaged. Arslan has made heart emojis in the post. .

Suzanne recently also had a birthday, then Arslan also expressed his love for Suzanne on Instagram. Arslan had also praised her while reading the ballads on Suzanne’s pride and said that he had never met a person with a good heart like her.

Significantly, after divorcing Hrithik, Suzanne was quite lonely and during that time Arslan provided her with a lot of moral support. Let’s say after that Arslan and Suzanne were seen hanging out together and they both used to go to movie parties together. Then, at that moment when the photos of both arrived, it was assumed that there was something between the two, but since there was no official confirmation about the relationship, there were conversations in Mayanagari but a large section kept silent.

Now that Suzanne has put a stamp on their relationship. All speculation has been stopped. Note that Sussanne took seven rounds with Hrithik in 2000 and after 14 years together, she divorced Hrithik in 2014. Interestingly, Suzanne also has two children Rihan Roshan and Ridhan from this marriage.

Suzanne, 45, 14 years with Hrithik and now entering a relationship with Arslan is the talk of the town. Because? Perhaps the reason for this is Arjun Kapoor, who has raised the temperature of the internet by getting into a relationship with Malaika Arora and, as is known, Arjun is much younger than Malaika in terms of age.

However, as we mentioned earlier, couples are made in heaven, so maybe when Sussanne gets married, some mismatch has occurred and it took 14 years for her to divorce. The rest of Suzanne’s new relationship has come to the fore, so even though she has secured her future regarding love life, but our prayer is that this love will come to an end and soon they will be Arslan’s forever and ever. Suzanne de Arslan Let it be done. .

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