Syringe injection without vaccine; Outside of the video, authorities take action


  • Supposedly injected with an empty syringe.
  • The incident took place in Chapra in Bihar.
  • The footage was released on social media.

Patna: A man who came to receive the Kovid-19 immunization vaccine was allegedly injected with an empty syringe. The information came after pictures from a vaccine distribution center in Chapra, Bihar.

Images of the June 21 incident have been released. Chanda Kumari, a nurse, vaccinated the young man without filling him with the vaccine. The Sharan District Immunization Officer (DIO) said the nurse had been given a demonstration cause notice and asked to provide an explanation within 48 hours. India Today reported that Ajay Kumar said.

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The controversy erupted after the video of the person who arrived with the person who received the vaccine was recorded on his mobile phone. The nurse administered the injection without filling the syringe with the vaccine. The person who came to receive the injection said he found out about this after the friend who recorded the scenes told him the information. He said that he had been injected with an empty syringe but that he had experienced a headache.

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An accomplice said the video was filmed to show the face of a friend receiving an injection. After rewatching the video at night, it was discovered that the nurse had injected the syringe without filling the vaccine. They said they had informed the authorities at the vaccination center.

At the same time, the nurse who performed the injection was reportedly fired from her job following a complaint. Images of the vaccine distribution center are going viral on social media.

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