t20 world cup: Dhoni – Pakistani girl told dhoni to lose to Pakistan, her response goes viral


  • India arrives in Dubai to continue victory over Pakistan
  • MS Dhoni assesses the formation of Indian players
  • India unbeaten record against Pakistan in World Cup

Dubai: The long-awaited India-Pakistan T20 World Cup for fans is coming to an end. The match will kick off at 7.30pm Indian time on Sunday at the Dubai International Stadium. Fans of both countries often see the match beyond the game. Nor has it changed this time.

Pakistan fans were also thronged where the Indian team was training. Some Pakistani fans have been urging Indian cricketer KL Rahul not to play well. Fans have suggested that he shouldn’t play well against Pakistan and play well the next day. However, Dhoni responded to fans saying that’s his job.

MS Dhoni is the advisor to the Indian team. Dhoni led the formation of players in the network. Dhoni spent a lot of time on the net advising the players and making the necessary changes. After the IPL, Dhoni also joined the Indian team. Dhoni’s presence will help the Indian team against Pakistan.

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Beyond the game, the India-Pakistan match has great political dimensions, but the fans of both countries respect the players. Former players and others are actively evaluating the game. Although the Indian team is strong, Pakistan will have a handful of talented players in the T20s. This will be Pakistan’s first victory as India set out to continue their undefeated streak against Pakistan at the World Cup.

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