Tadka Movie Review: Nana and Shriya manage to add a touch of love to the food!

Movies like ‘Sharmaji Namkeen’ (2022), ‘Axon’ (2019), ‘Chef’ (2017), ‘Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana’ (2012), ‘The Lunch Box’ (2013), and ‘Bawarchi’ (1972) The food is based. It is also said that the way to reach the heart is through the stomach. I mean, if you want to make a place for yourself in someone’s heart, keep feeding them good food. There are different types of food and drinks in India. Most of the people here are foodies. This is the reason why food has also been seen as an important character many times in the movies. A movie based on the same theme ‘Tadka’ has been broadcast on the OTT platform Zee5, which is being promoted as a Hindi remake of the 2011 Malayalam movie ‘Salt n’ Paper’.

Nana Patekar, Taapsee Pannu, Shriya Saran, Ali Fazal, Rajesh Sharma, Lillete Dubey, Naveen Kaushik and Murli Sharma have major roles in the movie ‘Tadka’. The filming of this film took place in 2016, but even after the post-production of the film, its release date could not be specified. Finally, it could be released on OTT and could be streamed on November 4. The film is directed by Prakash Raj who is known for his negative role in Hindi cinema. The film’s story is based on the life of a middle-aged food lover, who falls in love with the voice of an RJ. This innocent love has been presented in a very unique way.

Tadka movie story

The story of the movie ‘Tadka: Love is Cooking’ is based on the lives of two middle-aged single people. Archaeologists Tukaram aka Tuki (Nana Patekar) and RJ Madhura (Shriya Saran) are unable to get married due to the lack of their favorite partner. His growing age is a cause for concern to his family and friends. Tuki’s friends find and bring new girls for him, but each time he finds some flaws and leaves them. Same is the case with Madhura, she doesn’t see any perfect guy. Tuki is a food lover, so he pays a lot of attention to things related to food. Even after tasting the food, he even says his recipe and the name of the maker.

It’s just a matter of a day. His nephew used to come to his house. Tuki is cooking for him with the cook. Then a wrong call comes in. The girl who calls talks about ordering Aloo Paratha. Hearing this, you become furious. There is a lot of fighting between the two. Both speak ill of each other. After a while, Tuki’s nephew secretly sends an apology to the girl from her phone. The girl tells this to her friend and her mother, then both insist on apologizing to her as well. At his urging, that girl says sorry. In this way, the conversation process between Tuki and that girl starts. It is later revealed that the girl’s name is RJ Madhura.

Tuki and Madhura fall in love while talking on the phone. she decides to meet. Tuki is accompanied by his friend and nephew, while Madhura is accompanied by her friend and mother. Before going to a certain place, Tuki sends his nephew to Madhura’s friend. so that he can know about them. Tuki’s nephew is stunned to see Madhura’s friend. They both return after lying to each other and cheating on Tuki and Madhura. In this way, the relationship of both reaches the point of breaking. They both stop talking and start looking for a new relationship. But meanwhile, an incident changes a lot. To know if Tuki and Madhura will be able to meet or not, you will have to see the movie.

Tadka movie review

The story of ‘Tadka: Love is Cooking’ by Dilesh K Nair and Shyam Pushkaran (who also co-wrote the original film) is unique in that it features food as an important character. At first, this old-fashioned romance is quite appealing due to the natural comedy tinge. However, it soon becomes boring and monotonous. The main reason for this is that the plot is predictable as it is based on a theme seen in many Bollywood movies. But what sets this story apart is the two protagonists’ passion for cooking and eating well, which strengthens their bond. How did the script have to go?

The director of the film Prakash Raj has tried to do his job honestly. He also manages to keep the average script interesting through his direction. Established as an excellent actor in the south and north, Prakash Raj started his directorial career in the year 2010. The first Kannada film made under his direction is ‘Nanu Nanna Kanasu’. This movie was a super hit. After this, he also directed the Tamil-Telugu film Dhoni made in the year 2014. Like acting, Prakash also has a good track record in directing. The effect of him is also being seen in the movie ‘Tadka’. The four main actors in the film have done justice to their characters.

Nana Patekar has played the role of a middle-aged man who leads a simple life. His comedic timing is second to none. But even in serious scenes, he looks strong. Actress Shriya Saran looks attractive, but she doesn’t look the kind of acting that she did in some movies like ‘Drishyam’. Both characters are the life of the film. Without meeting, without seeing, what love is like. If this is to be seen and understood, then this film must be seen. One thing stands out here, which is the dubbing of the film. Even after some artists’ voice became famous in Hindi, someone else dubbed it. Like Taapsee Pannu. Her voice sounds childish to him. Overall, ‘Tadka: Love is Cooking’ can’t be called a great movie, but it can be considered an above average entertaining movie. The film can be seen once.

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