Tamil Nadu President Says BJP Will Engage Media; Activists need not fear criticism; Controversy


  • The media trial will come to an end
  • The control will be incorporated within a period of six months.
  • The exception will not be allowed to propagate

Chennai: The president of BJP Tamil Nadu has promised to control the media. He said that he would control the media that spread slander against the BJP and would control these media in six months.

“Forget about the media. Stop thinking about what they will do when they lie about us. In six months you will see that the media is being controlled and taken over by them. You don’t have to worry about that. No media can constantly lie.” .

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Don’t be afraid of criticism from the media. He said the media trial would end. Annamalai made the remarks at a public meeting of the BJP in Tamil Nadu. Union Minister and former Tamil Nadu BJP President L Murugan will implement the restrictions. Annamalai said that the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting was safe in her hands.

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Annamalai was elected president of the BJP of Tamil Nadu yesterday. L Annamalai left IPS to enter politics. He disputed in the last elections to the assembly, but lost. Annamalai was elected President of the BJP following the appointment of former President L Murugan as Union Minister. Annamalai resigned from IPS in 2000 and joined the BJP.

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