tamil nadu vk sasikala: Tamilnadu: VK Sasikala is coming back – vk sasikala at tamil nadu aiadmk party hoping to turn around

VK Sasikala, the right-hand man of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, is actively involved in Tamil Nadu politics. Shashikala, who was released after serving four years in jail, witnessed the downfall of AIADMK. Therefore, Chinnamma of the Tamils ​​will now make efforts to win back his party.

But it remains to be seen whether Shashikala’s desire to revive the match will turn into a mere dream. Because today AIADMK is not the party that existed when Shashikala went to jail in 2017. Anna DMK is now divided into two factions under the leadership of party coordinator O. Panirselvam and joint party coordinator Edappadi K Palaniswamy.

It should also be remembered that Anna once expelled Shashikala, who was the General Secretary of the DMK, and expelled her from the party. In addition, the position of Secretary General was removed and he was subsequently promoted to the positions of Coordinator and Joint Coordinator. Despite all this, political experts wonder if the party will accept Shashikala, who declared himself the party’s general secretary and returned.

It is clear from the reports that the Shashikala issue will also provoke internal conflicts within the party. While Edappadi K Palaniswamy insists that he will never accept Shashikala, Paneerselvam is lax in that regard. According to The Indian Express, Shashikala had met Paneerselva before. In addition, Paneerselvam has said that the party leadership and officials will decide on Shashikala’s re-entry into the party. That is, his words echo that he had no objection to Shashikala’s arrival.

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Is Palaniswami afraid of Sasikala?

After his release from jail, Shashikala made dramatic moves to return to Chennai from Bangalore. She was wearing a green sari and a red spot that looked like Jayalalithaa at first glance. In addition, he was riding in one of Jayalalithaa’s favorite vehicles, sitting in the front seat, watching the people and his followers within the group. She made the decision to reaffirm that she has not lost her influence and is Jayalalithaa’s successor.

He also tried to regain his political image by offering flowers in front of the graves of former chief ministers Jayalalithaa and AGR. In addition, Shashikala will meet with party workers in Madurai and Ramanathapuram in the coming days. Shashikala loyalists said they would visit people in various places.

For Palaniswami, Sasikala’s return is unimaginable. Furthermore, Palaniswami is well aware that Paneerselvam, one of the party’s leaders, indirectly supports Sasikala. Therefore, he fears that if Shashikala comes, he will lose his position and popularity within the party. On top of all this, some leaders are pressuring Paneerselvam to transfer party power to Sasikala.

Another thing to watch out for are the robberies and murders at the Kodanad Estate bungalow. Currently, the investigations point to Edappadi Palaniswamy and VK Sasikala. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving office. However, further research focuses on Palaniswami. In addition, Shashikala, who knew the Kodanad estate’s money and documents in detail, often escaped questioning. That’s why Sasikala’s arrival scares Palaniswami.

When Shashikala comes to the party leadership, there is no doubt that Chinnamma will try to win the favor of the people by following the policy and exiting the case. If that happens, not only Sasikala will be overthrown, but also Palaniswami’s political future. At the same time, the media is reporting that there will be attempts by Shashikala to persuade Palaniswami. The Shashikala camp hopes that Palaniswami will also give in if he receives instructions from the BJP.

What if the party approves Sasikala?

Some AIADMK leaders and close associates of Shashikala have said that Shashikala will be reinstated without damaging the positions of Palaniswami and Paneerselvam. He is of the opinion that Shashikala will be reinstated and assigned the position of advisor.

But if the party accepts Shashikala, it will affect Shashikala’s nephew, TTV Dinakaran.

A high-ranking leader opined that if Palaniswami becomes the face of the party and leads Shashikala behind the curtain, a Kanimozhi will emerge in the AIADMK. That is, Dinakaran will be sent to Delhi with the status of Rajya Sabha. According to The Indian Express, this is the biggest possibility Palaniswami faces.


Source: TOI, Indian Express, Agencies | Compiled by Bhadra chandran

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